Are you currently thinking of where to source capital to start a business or are you finding it difficult to get a source of business financing? We are always made to believe that doing business attracts huge financial investment; an idea that has destroyed the dreams of several would be entrepreneurs.

It is indisputable that business requires funding but a thorough assessment of how much is needed, what can be done to reduce cost to its barest minimum and ensure efficiency also play very vital role in the success of the running of the business. Here are three easy ways to raise funds for business:


The only source of business capital that comes with no obligations is your own savings. If you currently have no savings, it’s advisable you set a time frame and save up for your intended business project. Those who have already saved up some money can utilize it efficiently for their business investment.

Family and friends

Another source of financing an entrepreneur get to access easily comes from family and friends, these are people who believe in your dreams and wish you reach its full actualization. Family and friends are reliable and can be helpful most times, business capital from these close ones also come with lesser obligation.

Quick loans

Financial institutions have done greatly lately by coming up with facilities with lesser hassles and requirements. People can now access loans with little documentation within duration as quick as 24 hours. Several companies currently exist in the country granting such facilities; it is therefore advisable for one to choose the one that is most convenient. Most of these loans come with high interest rates but that can also be a good price to pay in order to reach one’s entrepreneurship dreams.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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