Have you noticed that people especially the younger generation no longer take interests in reading books? I remember while growing up, I used to have a target of the amount of books I must read in a week, whether motivational books, novels, school textbooks what have you? I enjoyed reading so much and people around me took notice of this and asked why I was always with a book everywhere I went.

But recently, I have noticed that reading is becoming a very big problem. I know of someone who wrote her WAEC exams recently, I was shocked, I couldn’t believe she was writing any exams because to wake up to read for her exams was a very big problem and after the exams, I asked her how she found it, and as expected, she confessed to me that she was blank through out most of the papers. You can imagine how perplexed I was because during my own time, reading was something I did every blessed day. Not a day went without me reading at least a topic in my school books and of course I was never blank during those exams, I always had something to write no matter how small.

What are the importance of reading?

  • vocabulary —— good reader——— a academic success

This illustrates that the more you read, not only does your vocabulary increase, also you have an increased academic success because as a voracious reader, you cannot be blank on any topic that is being discussed. When your vocabulary is increased, you have the ability to interact on any platform without being at a loss of words.

  • Reading provides access to cultural heritage and brings people together.
  • Reading builds your thought processes. The more you read, the more thoughtful you become, because your mind keeps regurgitating what you have read.
  • Reading is a means of communication between you the reader and the writer of the book.
  • Reading broadens your scope and shapes your view about life.
  • It makes you to be a constructive contributor to the society.

Constraints on Reading

  • Lack of libraries
  • Distraction from TV, social media, etc
  • Lack of interest

Ways to build your reading habit

  • Read a book. Not a book on your phone or on your laptop, while technology has made it possible to read on these devices, it is advisable to read from a book to reduce the rate of distraction.
  • Reduce the rate at which you get engrossed with television programs and the likes.
  • Ensure you have a target of how many books to read per time.
  • Start small, you would eventually be able to read hundred-paged books.

Recently in my search for a new book to read, I found that the titanic that sank in the early 1900s had been sort of predicted by a novel, titled, Futility(wreck of a titan) by Morgan Robertson. Morgan Robertson had written this book in the 1800s and the titanic sank in the 1900s. You can’t imagine my excitement. That is what I am reading now. Other books I recommend are Chinua Achebe’s THERE WAS A COUNTRY, and Chimamanda’s PURPLE HIBISCUS.

So have a great week and read a book today!!!

This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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