Online challenges have quickly become a socially-acceptable way of curating virality.

Little is known about their quirky origin and an undocumented rule of engagement, but it has become a way of connecting people through the art of playful gamification.

Social media, as far as anyone can remember has been the centre stage of these trends, many of which achieve virality by garnering unexpected online influence and followership.

There are countless formats to these challenges and they vary in style and execution, incorporating everything from singing and dancing, to wired workout regiments. 

Many challenges have been positioned to push a social cause or agenda while others are created simply for the fun of it, unburdened by serious social affiliations.

In the last few weeks, the number of challenges making the rounds has spiked considerably and we don’t need an expert to explain the reason behind the explosion of these challenges globally.

Just do the maths. 

Millions of people are stuck indoors and what better way is there to effectively sync with the energy of a collective, than to participate in same team tasks.

Over the last few days, a new challenge is fizzling through the ranks and as with viral challenges, it is slowly gathering steam as both famous faces and everyday people are jumping on the trend.

It’s called the #DontLeaveMe Challenge and is as silly as challenges come.

It is a witty wordplay challenge, where an individual surrounded by some friends runs around celebrating, after putting together a clever combination of words which when put together represents a single word.

The climax of the challenge is when the person being recorded takes off making a silly run away from the camera as the person doing the recording goes after him or her screaming ‘don’t leave me’. The process is repeated several times with more witty wordplays and more runs and holler of ‘don’t leave me.’

Weird, right?

Here’s a quick example to explain the challenge, ex Big Brother Naija housemate, Tacha is seen on camera standing outside a house and a voice asks her why she’s standing outside and she simply replies that she’s trying to be ‘outstanding,’ then she takes off as per the ritual with the mandatory don’t leave me shout.

As expected, hordes of Nigerians are jumping in on the #Don’tLeaveMe challenge with weird combinations of wordplay, that will leave you reeling with laughter.

Don Jazzy seems to be a willing advocate of the challenge, posting videos of the best ones across Africa and music superstar, Davido has created his own too.

As trends and challenges are known to do, this particular challenge will fizzle out eventually, but let it not be said that a socially active young Nigerian like you with a mobile phone and a social media account never gave it a shot.

Just saying.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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