Growing up you realize that money is actually important if you want to afford the lifestyle you follow daily on Instagram.

Worse is just having concluded university and coming to the realization that you can’t rely on your parents fully anymore. The hustle begins and watching your friends attain goals before you can increase pressure.

And in the whole euphoria of trying to catch up, achieve goals, dreams and amass wealth, it’s easy to ‘get lost in the sauce’ and loose focus of what truly matters; moving at your own pace.

Here are some rules to follow;

  • Don’t get lost or feel overwhelmed

You have to remember to remain focused and determined. Your journey is different from the next person’s journey. Take your time, even though you’re crawling or walking to your goal just make sure you’re moving.

  • Avoid distractions

There would always be distractions disguised as fun and excitement that’ll try to take your mind off your goal. Don’t let it fool you. Little mistakes can make you fall short and bring you all the way back to the beginning again. Try to stay disciplined and fight back temptations. Work now and enjoy it all later.

  • Think and Plan

You have to take out time to think. Thirty minutes of your day must be dedicated to thinking and planning for your future. Write down your thoughts, goals and dreams; draft a plan and then smash them.

  • Hard work

This is the price of entry into the game. You have to be ready to put in work. The wealthiest people are said to have a maximum of four hours sleep per day. If you want to be wealthy, then you have to stop being lazy. Get your mind right.

  • Shut your ears to other people’s opinions

When you have a whole lot of people doubting your ideas or criticizing you, you’re either about to make the biggest mistake of your life or make history. Either way, if you believe in what you’re doing to make wealth (it must be positive) don’t let what people say about it stop you.

  • Enjoy the pursuit not just the destination

Make sure you’re doing something you love, it always makes the road to wealth easier and fun.

  • Make loads of mistakes and learn from each and everyone of them

In life, mistakes must be made. You can either learn from them or sulk about them. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail or fall as far as you pick yourself back up and keep moving.

  • Be frugal

When the money starts coming in, make sure to spend wisely. Don’t buy stuff you know you won’t need because you feel you have the money in your bank.

  • Faith

The most important thing is to have faith in yourself, in your work and in God. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve almost anything.


This article was written by Omiebi Alamina; connect with her on IG here



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