They say passion drives progress which brings success. This is exactly the story of Yemisi Fancy, a law graduate of UNILAG who chose her passion over a career in law. The Tinsel actor and energetic singer sat with us and shared more about her story in this interview below;

Let’s meet you

My name is Yemisi Fancy; I am an actor and also a music artiste. I have a background in law and I just recently started exploring my music side. I’m a very creative person and I hope to explore my creativity to the fullest.

What was your childhood like?

I was a shy person as a kid and even couldn’t dance in front of people. But deep within I knew I could do these things. I joined the drama and dance groups while in secondary school but it was basically for fun until in 2006, when I joined a dance group outside of school and it became more interesting. I remember while I was in UNILAG, I led the cultural dance group that performed during my faculty week and people thought I was a professional dancer. Funny enough I was battling crowd fear even at that time.

Tell us about your acting career

I am currently on Tinsel playing the Helen character. I auditioned for the role in 2012 and got it but it was pretty much an on/off thing until 2013 when I became regular. They needed a female character that could act, sing and dance. I played this perfectly and since 2013, I have been regular on the show.

Are there any similarities between the real Yemisi Fancy and Helen the Tinsel Character?

I won’t say there are similarities but I have some elements of the Helen character. One of the characteristics is being timid on set which Yemisi Fancy has somewhere in her.

When did you delve into music?

I will say officially in 2015. Prior to that time, I tried recording but I almost never completed any song and in 2015, I decided I was going to give it another shot. I recorded a song titled ‘Far Away’ and quite fortunately for me, that song gave me my present record label deal.

How many projects do you have out there?

I have three projects out – two audios and a video which were all released this year. I took a break in 2016 to serve my fatherland in faraway Rivers State and by the time I came back, I went fully on set recording and shooting.

What are the titles of the projects?

I have ‘Oyari’ which has a video and most recently ‘Disco’ and it is doing pretty well with radio plays and acceptance.

How would you describe your sound?

I am currently doing Afro-House and also every of my songs must have an African vibe either through the beats or lyrics. I am a versatile artist and I intend staying true to myself – the Yemisi Fancy brand.

We have lots of female artistes presently doing well, what are your plans or strategies you intending using to breakthrough?

First and foremost, I am not coming into the industry with a competitive mindset – staying true to myself. I also believe the number of female artistes in the Nigerian music industry is still not enough which gives everyone an opportunity to grow together. As for strategies, staying true to myself, bringing my own element and being consistent is what I intend doing.

Are you open to working with other established acts at this early stage?

I honestly don’t mind. It actually will be adding experience and further exposure.

Which act[s] would you love to work with?

Definitely Burna Boy and Wizkid. They are the only artists I am certain will give me what I want on a song.

What are your future plans for both your singing and acting career?

I try not to over-plan because nobody knows tomorrow; I like to live my life as it comes. The end game is to leave a legacy that stays even after you’ve left this world – get the music on a global scale and push my acting career further.

If allowed to change something that you feel isn’t right about the music industry in Nigeria, what will that be?

Well, besides the normal electricity issue, I will certainly change the way the music industry is structured. Especially the finance part. There is no way to keep track of one’s earnings as an artiste, royalties, and future earnings and stuff like that. These are serious issues that require attention because an artist can’t stay relevant forever, so what happens then? No royalties coming for your properties.

What are the challenges you are facing as an artist and what are you doing to overcome them?

One of the challenges is acceptance; it is not a major acceptance but most people won’t buy or want to listen to your song if they don’t know you. Also being a female is already a challenge on its own – the music industry is naturally a man’s world which put females at disadvantaged. For me, I think consistency is the only way I know to overcome such challenges.


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