The spiral controversies circling the music industry of late, has made a mess of a space created for us to find entertaining and amusing materials. M.I Abaga is battling on many fields, for stirring up the hornet’s nest of Naija Hip-hop. The dark secrets of the Plantashun Boiz is being dug up, and Blackface Naija is out in the media demonising someone he once called “brother.”

The same Blackface made alcohol-induced comments about Ruggedman, and the rapper has since stopped exchanging smiles with the controversial Plantashun Boy. In the middle of the war of words, Eedris Abdulkareem, who seems to be nobody’s friend, has made himself a judge and everyone else is guilty of multiple charges. The whole scene has turned into a heated debate involving several individual speakers but the problem is – there is no common topic for the debate.

So every speaker is out trying to out-voice others and with little moderation, the whole show has become a noise-filled atmosphere in an environment that could have accommodated these music icons in a way that their different opinions would be aired, revelations would be made while civility is still maintained.The platform which was organised under the premise of “curating the events surrounding Nigerian music art” has become the dark kitchen where beef is been cooked and served.

I was complaining about this to a friend and he responded by saying; “I blame the media personnels for stirring up conversations the way they’re doing. They are literally pitching one artiste against another and hence, the whole  tension in the industry, especially amongst the OGs. And of course, people like Eedris & Blackface would happily rant on screen, to be seen and heard again.”

Then I thought, “true, some of the media guys are the ones cheering the artistes to do the loose talking and that’s why there is so much tension in the circle of the OGs.” But it is unfortunate that the “OGs” who should be steering the wheel of the industry towards progress; are calling each other out and shaming each other before the young ones and it is even worse that the media which is a tool with the potential to advance the culture; is now being used to pitch artistes against each other with a promised reward hanging over their heads.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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