Disclaimer: I don’t own dogs but I fancy the Chihuahua breed. Moreover, this is coined from some health journals I have gathered over the past weeks of being blessed with free internet at some place in Port Harcourt.

A new study suggests that dog lovers are 23% less likely to suffer from heart disease(s).

Dogs are really cute and are our best friends when given the necessary training and attention. A study of 3.4 million people using the demography of the ages 40 – 80 found that having a dog was related with a 23% reduction from heart disease and a 20% risk of dying. Past studies also suggested dogs ease social isolation and depression


People that own dogs show respond better to stress, have increased levels of physical activity and slightly decreased cholesterol levels of cholesterol. The American Heart Association was significantly influenced by dozens of studies to release a statement saying that owning a dog was associated with a reduced outcome of cardiovascular disease. Their hesitancy to strongly endorse dog ownership was due to the larger volumes of studies being done – are what is called observational. Researchers noted an association but couldn’t decipher the thin line between that and causation. This means that there could be other factors which explain why dog owners are healthier than, say, cat owners.

An epidemiologist and lead researcher, Tove Fall, says they used many factors and differences in education, existing health conditions and lifestyle changes between those who own and do not own dogs. The study found the largest positive impact of owning a dog was on lonely and single folks and that extends to people living alone in their apartments and residences. Practically, dogs encourage their owners to take walks, provides social and emotional and make life more worth living. Whatever time and situation one is in, the dog gives you that motivation to go back home. I should dabble in a reversal of Colin Kaepernick’s words, as used in his famous ad with Nike: ‘Don’t leave your child with your pit bull terrier alone at home. Just DON’T do it’.


This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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