The recent gbas gbos women are receiving on social media recently; regarding their ability and willingness or lack thereof to cook and do house chores in relationships and marriage moved me to write this.

Society has many women believing that performing household chores for their partner, such as cooking, washing, and cleaning, will ensure that the relationship leads to marriage. This idea has led many girlfriends into becoming spouses before they have even gotten married. Due to the threat of losing their significant other, they take on the role of a wife for guys they aren’t married to.

As a result, some men have become so accustomed to this that they now ask it of any woman they wish to date. And if you refuse to comply, they view you as being unreliable and unready for marriage. These men insist that you must prove to them that you are capable of taking care of a household before they can see a future with you.

Realistically, cooking/cleaning for your partner; in extension, his family does not guarantee that he will marry you. By doing this, you’ve already given him the majority of what he hopes to get from marriage on a platter of gold, so why would he commit to marriage? He doesn’t need to because you are already performing wifely duties outside of marriage.

If you think about it, he’s already dated a few women before you, who probably met his “domestic standards,” but here he is in yet another relationship with you. This proves that doing domestic chores doesn’t keep a man or lead to marriage. When it comes to marriage, men will only marry women that they truly love and admire. They will also marry women that they envision a future with, regardless of how domesticated she is or how good she cooks.

Don’t allow societal misconceptions to lead you to believe that cooking and cleaning for a man will entice him to marry you. If you decide to help your partner with household chores, do it because you want to, not because it’s a means to an end.

You may argue with me that some men are attracted to women who can do household chores, but is that all he’s looking for in a wife? There are still so many things to consider, such as character, intelligence, temperament, and so on. You will be amazed at the different reasons men give for marrying their wives. There is no one-size-fits-all reason when it comes to why men choose to marry one woman over another.

So whether it be domestic chores, looks, or any other superficial thing society wants to force down your throat, as the reason you’re unmarried, don’t try to do the most or change yourself. If you have real issues, you need to work on, by all means, do so but do it for yourself to improve yourself but not to keep any man.

Let me add that cooking and cleaning are life skills everyone should have, regardless of their gender!

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