How will the future know what the past has experienced? How well can this dying history be converted to what is pleasing to the world at large? How can I express myself without truly running my ink? Music! I wish words could write out all the notes. Bring to us the in-depth interpretation of those sounds that we can’t hear but we know is there. Many a time, we have found perfect healing and solace in The Sound of Music. Let me scream, let me yell, let me express who and what music has made me become.

Music; the best time machine, taking us back into the Medieval era, Renaissance era and the outstanding yet beautiful Classical era. Despite its popularity, none can put it into words the satisfaction that music breathes, maybe time will tell and yet maybe not. The joy of music is in the gathering it brings anytime an event is taking place. Whether it’s one to mourn, rejoice, be alone, whatever the circumstance, music swore to stand by the side of all.

Maybe in a universe where spoken words never die, music can be stepped upon, slapped and mocked, but as long as this universe remains, we shall all use our sounds to heal, communicate, love, build and destroy whatever or heart desires to achieve. 

Dear Music, I do wish we all could write to you and explain exactly what you do to us and exactly how you make us feel but deep down I know that when we close our eyes to sleep, you’re there, our moments of joy and pain have you standing tall right behind us.

Written by Morrissey, “I can chase you, and I can catch you, but there is nothing I can do to make you mine.” The universality attached to music is what is beyond any man’s explanation. Music dressed in its beautiful and well-tailored attire, playing those tunes and getting the attention of all. 

To the amazing sounds that have blessed the earth; Frankie Valli, Sting, Asa, 2 Face, Burna Boy, Wiz kid, Jorja Smith, Dua Lipa, Beyoncé, Santi, Odunsi the Engine, Tems and the list is endless but we say thank you for blessing our beings with your sounds, I dare my soul to safely pronounce to music how much we love it.

                    ‘Music is a spiritual and divine being and in actuality should never be joked with.’

This article was written Chiderah Folashade Mbah; connect with her on instagram here

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