When you apply for a job interview and you get an email from the company weeks later inviting you for an interview after being selected out of thousands of other applicants, it feels you with a sense of accomplishment. Finally my talent can be of use to someone and above all I am one step closer to having my foot in the door.

Then it happens…

It has happened to many applicants even myself. Having applied to an organisation especially one you respect and have come in for an interview whether it was a written test or just an oral meet, they go dead silent on you for weeks and then nothing. You never hear from them again and then you reach the conclusion that the company didn’t like you or that you just didn’t make the cut for reasons beyond your control.

This is a wrong and misguided conclusion. Always follow up after every interview especially after a maximum of 3 weeks and you haven’t heard back from the company.

A lot of factors can go in to them not reaching back to you. Factors like your test script went missing, you didn’t write a name on the script, they really liked you but misplaced your contact details or you actually didn’t make the cut but the HR really is not in the business of passing bad news.

Whatever the reason might be, whether the fault was from your side or theirs the goal is to always find out from the company on what happened. Contact them through the hiring manager or HR and indicate the fact that you wrote a test or met with someone but you haven’t heard anything back. The idea behind this is to know where you stand with the company. Should you move on with your life or wait and see? – Closure.

I have personally missed a lot of job opportunities by not reaching out and contacting the HR after weeks of going for an interview and not hearing back all because I thought I had to wait. But you don’t anymore. At-least not in this time and age. You want to know what happened. Have the attitude of persistency and the zeal to know why and what happened and how you can address the situation.

I have met a couple of people who said they got jobs because they actually followed back concerning the interviews they did. They didn’t wait to be contacted but reached out after weeks of not hearing from the organization.

Always ask yourself this question – How bad do you need this opportunity? What can I learn from this opportunity? What is the worst that could actually happen for not following up with the organisation?

Your answer is all the motivation you will need to follow up and know your next move.


This article was written by Omah Ogbuehi; she tweets via @OmahSpeaks 

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