Tiwa x Seyi

– Anslem Jon

The global music industry has from time immemorial been a male dominated industry. This situation is clearly observable as well in the Nigeria music industry where for one female rapper there are 5 male rappers and for one female singer, you can find 20 male singers.

Not to get you bored, this piece is actually not a comparison feature between male artistes and their female counterparts but an insight as to how well Nigerian female artistes are thriving in spite of the strive amongst  males. Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay happen to be just two of our celebrated female artistes whom we are confidently proud of.

In 2010, we all got introduced to Tiwa Savage when she released her first single under Flytime Entertainment  headed by Cecil Hammond; the song titled “Kele Kele” was produced by H-Money and ever since Tiwa has worked her way to becoming one of Nigeria’s favorite female artistes.

Two years later, we were made to notice another Nigerian talented female artiste- Seyi Shay. Following the path of Tiwa, Seyi Shay released her official singles “No Lele” and “Loving Ur Way” produced by H-Money and was also released under Cecil’s Flytime Entertainment as well.

It struck me to observe that besides the fact that these two female artistes chose to work with the same producer on their first singles which is based on their productive stay in England, there seems to be more similarities in their musical career.

After the release of her singles, Tiwa went on to take the lead role in Dr Sid’s “Over the Moon”; a move that subsequently increased her followership. Seyi Shay also tried the same move by being the lead character in Ajebutter’s “Omo Pastor”, but that move didn’t work out quite well compared to Tiwa’s.

Tiwa left Cecil joined Mavin and formed 323 Entertainment, a management company with her hubby. Seyi in the same vain left Cecil and joined J-Management as an independent artiste.

Recently, Tiwa released a controversial video to “Wanted” and within 72 hours got millions of views on YouTube. Critics attacked her for releasing a rather reveaing video considering the fact that she is married; This move strategically increased her popularity and once again Mrs. Balogun became a winner once more. She also got featured by Patoranking, a rave of the moment.

Seyi on the other hand also featured Patoranking in one of her singles “Murda” where she appealed with lots of sexy moves in the visuals. Fusing different genres and talented artistes, the song became a hit. Presumably, the team at J-Management decided to emphasize on the number of views the video got on Vevo.

Noticeably, Tiwa has always been the “first doer” with Seyi Shay following suit and I am beginning to wonder if Seyi actually has a book on Tiwa which she abides by.

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