I am sure a few people must have asked you how you plan to detty december or probably everything you have been seeing on your social timeline relates to it or worst still your friends are making plans and picking outfits for it.

I know what you are thinking, everytime you scroll through your timeline or when your friends are making plans, you simply sigh and say God when? I know you are worried that you haven’t saved enough and you will miss out on this year’s detty december.

Guess what? You can still detty this december and have so much fun. I mean fam, it’s that time of the year where people get stuck in traffic, attend concerts where they’d have to stand for hours only for the concert to start late, the season where almost everyone is drunk. If their motto is “parte after parte” ours is “easy, jeje”.

Here are a few things you should do to detty your december on a budget while creating amazing memories:

Game night/ sleepovers: What better way to have fun than to invite your friends for a sleepover? Start from introducing your friends to each other (you might even want to play cupid), pick out movies to watch, whip out your board or video games! Share gists and drinks. If you are a little boxed up, hire a boat and do your sleepover on the boat with your friends.

Catch up on movies you must have missed: Netflix and chill with your family, friends, the love of your life or just do it alone. Create a list of movies you want to see, subscribe for netflix, disney+ or even iroko tv. Make popcorn in your kitchen and binge on movies.

Attend a Karaoke night by yourself or with a sibling or a friend.

Try new food recipes: Invest in data, use youtube videos to learn new food and cocktail recipes then have fun making them in your kitchen.

House parties to the rescue: If you are in the mood for a party, attend a house party hosted by a friend; meet people, take pictures and have fun.

Attend christmas and end of the year parties: Surely, your church or work place or even your estate would have a christmas or end of the year party, Attend anyone that would not dig a hole in your account.

Give gifts: An idea of cheap gifts for christmas would be getting about 50 pop sockets, customizing it with something like “you make me happy, I love you”.

And ohhh, don’t forget to take keep these memories (pictures and videos), make use of discounts or promo code because this is the period when businesses give back to their customers. Hohoho…have a merry “detty” December.

This article was written by Adebayo Promise; connect with her on IG here 

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