Recently, suicide has become a trending topic amongst youths, all over the world. To some people, suicide is seen as something committed by ungrateful individuals, but no one stopped to think for a minute or even a second, what could have prompted such youths full of life and vigor to commit such act? 

The underlying factor behind suicide is that thing called ‘Depression.’ It can also be called ‘major depression’ or ‘clinical depression.’

According to ‘offline medical dictionary ‘ it is defined as “a mental disorder characterized by sustained depression of mood, anhedonia, sleep and appetite disturbances, and feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and hopelessness. 

Since depression is the underlying factor behind suicides, we need to ask ourselves this question. Do people just wake up one morning and decide that they are suddenly tired of life? No! They must have thought it through.

These are some causes of depression amongst youths: 


This is the forcing of undesired sexual activity by one person on another.

The “abused” becomes emotionally traumatized and as such feels ‘dirty’ ‘worthless’ ‘ashamed ‘ amongst many other things. The person may feel ashamed to open up to people for the fear of being judged or looked down on. 


When youths fail an examination, they may feel ‘a bit’ down and disappointed in themselves or their abilities. They start to get depressed when they think of what friends and family will say.


According to the English dictionary, this is the “Persistent  acts in cyberspace intended to make life unpleasant for another person.” It is  also known as “Cyber Intimidation.”

Cyberbullying is perpetuated by people known as ‘Internet trolls’. These people tend to say harsh things to people regardless of how the person it is being said to feels. 

An example is 12 years old, Rebecca Ann Sedwick who was cyberbullied. She jumped to her death at an old cement facility in Lakeland. Investigators said she had been despondent after other girls had posted hateful comments about her online. Messages like “Go kill yourself” and “Why are you still alive?”

Suicide can be curbed through various ways, but the major way a non-therapist can help is by:


If a person on the internet tells you He/She feels like committing suicide. Don’t wave it off like it’s nothing, rather say words like “I’m here for you” “You can talk to me about it.” We shouldn’t say words like “You’re so ungrateful” “Who gave you the right to think of committing suicide?” We should remember that depression is real and your concern for the person is paramount.

Everyone goes through hard times, but not everyone has the strength to overcome it. So rather than judging a person with suicidal thoughts, reach out to the person, care for the person and save a life. So today all you have to do is:


This article was written by Emmanuel Chika; connect with her on IG here  

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