The fashion Industry in Nigeria is the only sector where you can create your own island, you start and establish trends. You define your personality in a way only you can and if it is good enough for the public eye they will always notice and get on board.

It is stated somewhere that; Fashion is a Pill, and an overdose is a kill.

It hasn’t been proven.


After years of watching the NIGERIAN Fashion industry evolve and attain greater heights and momentums, you would have no choice but to agree with that more is always a welcome notion especially when it is done moderately.


Millennials have also seized this free will, this mind boggling young man Denola Grey is one of a kind, his energy, his facial structure, his style and his persona makes you want to revisit your idea of style. Imagine Olivier Rousteing without the weird extra tight pants and cosmetics…. Hmm no we can’t imagine that, utterly impossible!


Meet Denola Grey a young man of many shades.


At the young age of 18 he was actively involved in the fashion world, taking part in high rise fashion magazines like Interview and the likes. Moving back to NIGERIA, he found his niche in Fashion Consulting and became a Media Presenter. His name Denola Grey is more of a brand name than his birth name, Grey is a brand name that is being stuck on his social media platforms and in the media world.

Denola Grey (1) is a very informative platform and it’s clean, with minimal background, and the pictures tell you a lot about his personality and his brand. He is like a rubik cube of fashion knowledge,  a journal of fresh ideas and innately educative.


His signature turn up pants is hard to miss on the red carpet, easily becoming a press favorite with statement pieces and noticeable cuts.


Coming from a country where the fashion world is overly more evolved than it is here, the growth is way beyond what we see in Nigeria and their fashion week is years ahead of us, Denola sees light in this city. When asked what he thinks of the fashion industry in LAGOS he says;


I think it has grown exponentially, like in the past 2 years, there is a lot more international focus on it, I think a lot more international countries are looking at NIGERIA for inspiration because everything out there is pretty much done and tried out. So they have their eyes on the African market, because there are fresh ideas here, but at the same time I noticed that designers here are trying to do what they see there, not knowing they inspire these people. Our industry has grown so much, we have our designers on the map. Thanks to platforms like LFDW and the likes. That’s huge.”


In less than a year since his move back to NIGERIA, he has done work with Orange Culture and is presently the Brand Ambassador for LFDW. His resume is very impressive and coming from a fresh mind bursting with creative ideas, it has been a smooth ride.


Talking about his role as a brand ambassador for LFDW, he gets animated as he tells us how much growth has happened from the past year in the fashion industry ‒The international recognition and how fantastic a platform it is for the NIGERIAN designer and its fabrics.


Being a Media personality in a hot social city like LAGOS, he emphasizes on his goal to be an inspiration to every young kid out there that feels different and misunderstood. He is overly assertive when stating that fame is not his aim, he is more interested in putting out international and more defined contents. Working with Ebonylife has opened a lot of doors in terms of meeting the right people and networking. He also has big plans for the year end and is excited to share them with us as the year rounds off.
This piece was first published in Tush Magazine Issue 12

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