DearArtiste, your manager is a useful and essential element in the prosperity of your career. Your manager is the business backbone, the organizer and the planner; in fact without proper management, you are most likely restricted from success.

So what should your manager be doing to get ahead? The music industry is constantly changing at the speed of light. Doors are always opening and closing. With this changing environment, it is exceedingly important to be vigilant and always studying. You want a manager who studies the trends, who actively seeks out information and keeps up with the growth of the industry. It should not be beyond him to even take a class or two on business and management.

One of the easiest ways to lose opportunities and damage an artiste’s reputation is by being sloppy, not documenting appointments and events in some kind of planner (which often leads to forgetting about scheduled events), and not treating every minute of valuable time as golden. You do NOT need anyone like that on your team, so if your management is sloppy, it’s best you have a review meeting and consider getting a new manager.

Managing an artiste takes dedication and passion. So you want to be with that manager that believes in you, and your music. Someone is always on the clock searching for opportunities and pondering about ways to further the success of your career. If you are an artiste looking for a manager, it is fundamental to find one you can connect with and enjoy working with.

This article was written by Fola Folayan – a distinguished OAP at Nigeria Info and convener of the DearArtiste event dedicated to educating upcoming and emerging artistes on music business and management; published first in Tush Magazine Issue 13. You can read more here: Issue 13


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