Dear Business Owners, I’m here with another piece of advice to help you grow your business and increase sales. Today, I will be addressing a major reason you haven’t been making sales or why you’re awful at selling. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to be bad at selling, this blog post is definitely for you. Selling appears to be straightforward. When you introduce someone to a product you think they’ll need, they naturally buy it, right? It doesn’t seem that complicated. Hmmm, don’t you wish it were that easy? Because if it were, there would be daily sales, and all business owners would already be millionaires. Some people believe that the secret to generating sales, particularly on social media, is just to publish eye-catching images and videos of their products and that will work wonders. However, it’s not how to earn sales, and I’ve detailed the mistakes that most social media entrepreneurs make and what they should be doing instead in another blog post.

If you intend to get people to spend their hard-earned money on whatever you’re selling, then you need the right approach. Use yourself as an example. What motivates you to make a purchase? A lot of the time, people save items to buy later, but they seldom do. Others add items to their cart but never complete the purchase. Many people are in love with the idea of buying certain things, but what’s the turning point for those who actually make the purchase? 

Let’s use a great analogy by @7figurechick to explain how sales work. Think of sales as going on a date with someone. If on your first date with someone, they pull out a ring and ask you to marry them, you will most likely run for the hills because that’s asking for too much when you don’t even know this person. Even if the person is your soulmate, you would still like to be wooed and convinced. 

So when you meet a client, treat the transaction like a relationship. You need to build and establish trust and get the client to warm up to you. Remember, this person doesn’t know you and hence would likely be cold and on the fence. You need to tease and entice them. It’s your job to break the ice and convince them of the value you can offer either via conversation or whatever marketing copy and materials you create. 

Never go straight off and start selling to a client you just met. Asking new clients to commit as soon as they come into contact with your brand will only limit your ability to attract and retain them. Create little avenues and teasers for prospective clients to get a taste of your business and what you can do for them. Always reduce their risk until they fully trust you to get your ultimate package. Another great approach is to first show the client their problem areas before showing them the benefits and solutions you can offer them. Doing this will make them more receptive to your product or service offerings. So have this at the back of your mind when speaking to clients or creating promotional materials.

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