Media is a form of mass communication through publishing, broadcasting and the internet. It is the greatest means for spreading information both positive and negative. It influences the trends and behaviour of society. Over the years, media has become more accessible to people of all ages through social media, news can be shared as articles with a single click of a button. The media can manipulate the way the masses think because their publications are absolute and “verified.” 

     It has the power to publish news not caring if it is facts or not, information can be tampered with and manufactured to spread any agenda. Government can silence the media in attempts to successfully overthrow their country. Unknown artists under big labels can over rate themselves and crush competition in a dirty game known as “media play.”  

Massacres and government brutality can be hidden if the media decides not to discuss the tragic events. Some media houses can get closed down in an attempt to silence freedom of  press against the government. It ruins reputations, families, friendships and trusts. Celebrities’ careers can be over in a flash if a publication exposes what is supposed to be facts against them, falsified cheating scandals can ruin marriages. A person of influence can lose followers and fans with a single article shared on the web. 

Journalists can get threatened into silence or killed for trying to expose corruption of an institution. Protests and violence against citizens have been blocked from being aired on the media to avoid intervention from other countries. 

Meghan Markle is one the examples on how dangerous and vile the media can be. With mass articles spreading one-sided information about her, she became one of the most hated women in Britain without even saying a word. Johnny Depp is another victim of media’s interpretation of what is supposed to be verified information. After being accused of being a domestic abuser Amber Heard, he lost several acting contracts and movie roles. It was until a phone call between he and his ex-wife was released that it became clear he was in fact the victim.

Media can promote stereotypes, misunderstanding, conflict and lies but we are meant to believe it without question because it is from a “trusted source.”

This article was written bUgoji Tejiri Chidinma; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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