The long-awaited brand to represent the LGBTQ community on the fashion scene has finally arrived –– Daddy Couture. Never has a brand been so focused on catering to the fashion needs of the LGBTQ community. Daddy Couture is pioneering the “daddy movement”. They are of the opinion that being a ‘daddy’ is not specially limited to a particular group of persons, but that everyone irrespective of gender, age, size, sexuality, and other characteristics can be a ‘daddy’.

Since launching in May 2018, Daddy Couture has established itself as the go-to brand for LGBTQ fashion. With its exceptional social media game; garnering about 19,000 followers on Instagram in just a few months, Daddy Couture is gradually becoming a household name in the LGBTQ fashion scene. The brand’s desire for inclusivity and celebrity collaboration has helped skyrocket its stats.

No one wants to feel left out, we all want to be accepted just as we are. Daddy Couture has succeeded in tapping into that primal instinct, delivering products to appeal to everyone while maintaining its unique and edgy fashion style. Daddy Couture stocks a wide range of products ranging from t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers and lots more, you are sure to find something you like.

Typically in pop culture, fashion brands in their marketing campaigns usually target the ‘model-type’ individuals, and we all know that that’s only a small portion of ‘real humans’. Daddy Couture has reinvented the wheel, taking up a brand identity that celebrates the individual, as you are. Irrespective of what your physicality and beliefs say about you, Daddy Couture wants you on its side.

We are no strangers to the marginalization and ostracism that members of the LGBTQ community used to face and still do in certain parts of the world. So it’s no surprise that a brand whose target audience is the LGBTQ community and preaches inclusivity has gained so much ground amongst queer folk. In furtherance of this ideal, Daddy Couture is set to launch a new campaign that espouses the need for a positive body image. This campaign will feature models from different races, cultural backgrounds, age groups, and sexual orientations.

Daddy Couture has also succeeded in gaining the attention of some high-profile celebrities including TV star Tiffany Pollard, online sensation, Chris Crocker, video vixen, Rebecca More and other top models like Jake Bass and Matt Camp. Celebrity endorsements do go a long way to help a brand extend its reach, and it seems Daddy Couture knows how to play the game, kudos to their marketing team. The brand has grown immensely in a short time thanks to the brand’s celebrity partnerships.Tiffany Pollard, an actress, and TV personality was a key player in launching Daddy Couture in the early days.

Tiffany, a prominent member of the gay community helped promote Daddy Couture to her fan base, giving Daddy Couture the much-needed boost for a successful launch. Miss Pollard also collaborated on a T-shirt with the brand, she also helped promote it to her fans.

Chris Crocker, viral vlogger, and comedian. He attained global acclaim through his “Leave Britney Alone” videos and has since remained a strong proponent for gay rights and transgender acceptance. Chris partnered with Daddy Couture on two exclusive lines of shirts and also modeled many of the brand’s offerings on social media.

Rebecca More is a more recent collaboration. She is a UK Twitter star. Despite being straight, Miss More has a huge gay following. She has leveraged her gay fan base to promote the Daddy Couture brand. She partnered with Daddy Couture to release a shirt that features an image of her.

These celebrity collaborations have in no small way contributed to the success and public perception of the Daddy Couture brand. It’s quite logical that Daddy Couture will continue to seek out celebrities who are outspoken within the LGBTQ community to work with. This will go a long way to solidify the brand’s foothold on the fashion scene.

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