In a society where life seems to  be unbearable, the youths and the entire populace would seek solace in illegitimate source of wealth. All forms of social vices now look like a gratifying process. Widespread poverty always make the society’s moral fabric appear vulnerable. Nigeria, recently coming out from recession has being bedevilled by corruption with statistics also corroborating these facts. The youths most especially have been at the receiving end of the country’s economic southward trends. Statistics shows that many youths are unemployed.

With this in the background, many unemployed youths are now involved in various social vices that includes; kidnapping, stealing, rituals, rapes and cyber fraud. Most prevalent of all is the menace of Cyber fraud.

Cyber fraud, over the years has been called many names in Nigeria like; Yahoo Yahoo, 419, G-business, wire-wire. However, Cyber fraud will be simply put as the act of illegitimately dispossessing a person from his belongings especially funds through the internet. Many Nigerian youths are found culpable in this act that seems to be spreading like a wildfire.

The street word, ‘Shashe’ which is another informal name for cyber fraud is now an anthem preached even in the music industry as we see popular musicians add the word to their lyrics. Another culprit to this menace is the social media. The social media is a platform that oozes intimidation. With the extravagant lifestyle of virtual celebrities being displayed, every reason to engage in illegal activities is being shoved to the youths’ face. Observations show that most youths engage in cyber fraud in order to seek validation and recognition.

Once upon a time, a video went viral on the internet where a young boy of about 7-years old was asked of his future ambition and he replied that he would love to be a cyber-fraudster. The video as at that period was met with diverse opinions. While some saw it as a funny video, others saw the rise of a generation driven by illegitimacy and corruption. While we can continue to blame the past and present government for the situation bedevilling the country, it will be noteworthy to say that societal values and norms are depreciating as the days go by.

There is an onus placed on parents and moral leaders to teach kids moral values so as not to depart from the teachings. And to the youths, rather than depend on the government, think of productive ways to help the government. As an American leader would say, “never think of what the government can do for you, rather what you can do for your government. Remember, there is no short route to success, it takes hard work, grits and determination to be considered successful.”


This article was written by Adejoh Chris; connect with him on Instagram here

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