It is a known fact that bloggers are major influencers in the world of fashion. It is no surprise that famous brands, big and small, enlist the services of bloggers frequently to expose their goods and services to their audiences.

Meet Ifeoma Amadi, the 21 year old Nigerian fashion blogger and style influencer living her dream in Lagos. Boasting upwards of 12 thousand social media followers on her Instagram and Twitter pages, and a blog full of fashion and style tips, DIYs and life hacks, Ifeoma Amadi is paving her own path for fashion success.She is a 3rd year student at the University of Lagos studying Chemistry but says that fashion is her number one passion. Born into a small family unit with only one sibling, She took to the internet as her companion while growing up. As a fashion lover, she took interest in reading fashion blogs but soon noticed that a lot of those bloggers were wearing designer clothes she couldn’t afford at her age and status. As time went by, she felt the need to show young girls like herself that fashion isn’t only about wearing expensive designer items but wearing things that they feel beautiful in without breaking the bank.And so her blog was born.

Ifeoma’s blog is a very interesting and inspiring one. Apart from sharing her personal style, She also shares a lot of helpful style tips, DIY hacks, inspirational posts and tales from her life. In her popular column, Tales from the Thrift, she shares pictures and details of items she thrifts and even shares the best thrift spots in her city with her readers. It is very interesting to see all the awesome items she buys at the lowest costs imaginable. For Ifeoma, showing people that they can be stylish without overspending has always been the goal for her blog, and her tight budget is one of the inspirations behind that. She finds inspiration for her blog posts by surfing the internet and reading other fashion blogs. She updates her blog up to three times weekly and says that what she loves about blogging is that it has given herthe opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life, and has given her a sense of purpose.

As a fashion blogger, Ifeoma Amadi is automatically an entrepreneur and her brand is her commodity. This is evident in her Instagram feed and blog posts which are curated carefully to fit her theme. According to her, “A good Instagram feed is essential as it is your brand’s sign board.” She went on to say that she has scored several collaborations from local and international brands who mentioned that her Instagram feed attracted them to her. She has only been blogging for just over a year, but her blog already generates income for her and gets her free products from brands.  She is very proud of the little things that her blog has brought about like having strangers walk up to her and tell her how much they love her blog. However, her biggest achievement to date has been working with the top notch beauty brand OLAY even before her blog became a year old.

Ifeoma Amadi describes her personal style as minimal, favoring neutral colors, clean cuts and simple outfits that still make fashion statements.Her biggest fashion inspiration she says are her eyes because they help her see the beauty in many things a lot of people might not see, or see and ignore. She is also inspired by fellow fashion bloggers, Sade of and Sara of She says that proper time management and planning posts weeks ahead helps her to manage her time between blogging and schooling. Her biggest blogging challenge is finding creatives to work with. She doesn’t own a camera yet and finding photographers willing to work with bloggers can be a hassle and often times delays her post schedule.

Blogging has changed Ifeoma Amadi in many ways. She used to be shy and not open to meeting people or making friends but is now meeting tons of new people. It has also helped her realize that all she needs to break grounds in life is to believe in her heart that she can do it and she will surely achieve whatever she sets out to. A fun fact she would like readers to know is that her eyes start to water whenever she tries on a piece of clothing and it gets stuck because it’s a  size or a few sizes smaller than her. She gets really sad because before she purchases any item, she already visualizes a ton of ways to style it.

There are many hardworking and stylish fashion bloggers across Nigeria but Ifeoma stands out for having an eye for a good bargain, a very creative mind and a stunning smile.

Do check out her blog and her Instagram page; leave her a comment and tell her Tush Magazine sent you!

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This article was written by Phidelia Imiegha, 

Phidelia Imiegha is a young Nigerian writer and lover of literature. She is an African literature enthusiast and accepts book gifts all year round. She spends her free time adulting and listening to music. You can find her writing on her personal blog, or follow her on twitter @thephidelia_


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