When asked to describe herself, Adenike says she is a wearer of clothes and a lover of fashion. What she doesn’t mention is that she also designs and makes gorgeous clothes for women. Born in the 90’s to a family of five, Adenike took her first sewing lesson when she was 13, and hasn’t looked back since then. Sewing, which she tried her hands on initially to pass time, has now become her full-­time profession. Adenike Adegboye is a Fashion Designer and Stylist. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Demure by ‘Denike, a ready to wear fashion brand.










Adenike gained her first degree in History and International Studies from Babcock University, Ogun State. Immediately after completing her NYSC, she traveled to Italy to study Fashion Design and Dressmaking at Istituto di Moda Burgo. After receiving her degree in 2016, she returned to Nigeria and started her clothing line. Demure by ‘Denike is an African clothing brand that makes Made to Measure, and Ready to Wear outfits for ­­­Women. The brand reflects its founder’s love for Nigerian (and African) traditions and cultures. With the clothes she makes, she aims to transform the old traditions and fabrics into trendy outfits.

In 2012, Adenike started her fashion and lifestyle blog where she shared her personal style, which she describes as “a whole mix of so many things – relaxed, effortless and androgynous”. She also shared beauty and style tips, fashion trends, and lifestyle columns. Content creation is hard work, and when Adenike started her clothing line, something had to give. By the end of 2016, she gave up fashion blogging to focus fully on fashion designing. However, her blog’s reader base would become a major part of the support she would receive when she would later release her first collection.

In May 2017, she released her debut Ready to Wear collection. The collection featured clothes made with a mixture of the traditional adire fabric, and contemporary fabrics. The collection was born to “create a fun and trendy way to wear Yoruba culture and heritage.” It is a wonderful mix of prints, textures and colors. The collection is currently stocked by online retailers, Femme by Yele, and Zuvaa marketplace.










Adenike’s creative process is simple, beginning from Demand to Inspiration, Design, Pattern Drafting, Sewing and ending with the Finished work. While music gets her in the zone when designing, Adenike finds that the best way to get unstuck creatively is to take a break and never force it.

She values customer satisfaction above all else, and says that her favorite part about being a designer is seeing the image in her head come to life. She wants women to feel like they’re making history while looking gorgeous when they wear her designs.

Adenike looks up to two Nigeria designers – Lisa Folawiyo and Maki Oh – and says that they have indirectly influenced her designs. In ten years, she sees herself and her brand making huge strides in fashion and putting African cultures, traditions and fabrics on the map. She also hopes to broaden her designs from just clothes to shoes, jewelry and accessories in the future.

Adenike’s designs are beautiful and refreshing, and we are rooting for her.

Check out her personal, Made to Measure and Ready to Wear pages on Instagram: @demuredenike, @demurebydenike and @demurebydenike.rtw


This article was written by Phidelia Imiegha, 

Phidelia Imiegha is a young Nigerian writer and lover of literature. She is an African literature enthusiast and accepts book gifts all year round. She spends her free time adulting and listening to music. You can find her writing on her personal blog www.phideliaimiegha.com, or follow her on twitter @thephidelia_

Culled from Issue 18

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