The Covid-19 moment is bliss, torturous and resurrecting – all positive and negative times to many people. While a large population of the world has fallen ill and died due to the horrible lash of the Covid-19 virus, others are making use of this challenging moment to find peace, solace and purpose while stuck in their homes. Well, for some, it is a time to make terrible decisions which will be instrumental in how they spend the coming months once the pandemic comes to a halt (I hope we all make it out alive). We should all agree that we do not need to be found doing some things during this period. 

  • Talking to Exes

Most people are bored and have never learnt nor mastered the art of loneliness before now. They would rather be with people who are carefree towards them. Some people have been stuck at home for weeks and are left with their phones, tablets and laptops – in this situation; they make bad decisions by keeping in touch with exes who hurt them in the past. By this, they are creating opportunities for the toxic people to come back into their lives. 

  • Over-eating

Okay, let’s say you have not run out of supplies and you have not been shopping. In fact, you have all the types of food, snacks and drink in your refrigerator and you think eating is the only solution to boredom then you are setting up yourself for disaster by being obese and overweight after the pandemic. People should put their health and wellbeing in their hands except you are ready to shop for new clothes after the pandemic. 

  • Excessive screen time

Phone, laptop, television and video games – all these are sources of distraction but are still far from what people need right now: Soul meditation and healing. It is very okay to watch movies and play games but this moment is for reflection and people should not toy with it. I’ll recommend more time for meditation than time for social media through addictive screen time. 

  • Excessive intimacy

Not everybody can relate but couples stuck together at home should abstain from sex except they are ready to be parents. Not to be exaggerating, couples will tend to be more intimate in this period and things may go wrong if care is not taken especially when condoms and pills get exhausted.

This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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