I can remember when the Federal government of Nigeria made an announcement in March, precisely the last week that schools were to close up and remain closed, that offices were to be shut, and the market places weren’t seen as a go-to area. Everything was going to be on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I thought to myself I really can’t come and kill myself; I mean, you know as e dey go.

I had said to myself that by mid-April everything would become a thing of the past. This is July, I am still having classes on Zoom, still logging on to Coursera and I still haven’t been able to meet up with friends. Last week in April, was a battle for me; mentally, spiritually, sexually, and psychologically. I couldn’t feel anymore, I wanted to breathe, think, most importantly, I wanted to live again.

I wanted that girl who at six dreamt and lived beautifully. March till April was the real mental lockdown. I decided to flip the switch and see how everything could change from jumping up to fit in my jeans to putting on my canvas, spandex tight and firm chest, I gave myself two minutes plank, long-ass bicycle kicks, vigorous workout routines, just because in this life, I cannot come and kill myself doesn’t mean I should waste away. 

I make fantastic morning love to my green tea with a spark of yellow lemons in it, these have been my two main friends. This isn’t a freaky thing as all work and no play will surely make Sade a dull girl, once in a while, I open up to pizza, cake, ice cream, should I go back to pizza? My main G!!!!

My weight loss journey hasn’t found six-packs yet, and no, my arms aren’t like the magazine model type, at least not yet; but the journey has healed me in places I thought were going to be a no-no; mentally, spiritually, sexually, physically, emotionally and psychologically. 

Now I am better, I am stronger, call it lies or not, I am wiser. I am up every morning looking for the good despite the pandemic, I am now wearing the international baby girl crown (#IBG) because I am getting healed on all ground. After all, you see inside this 2020, 

COVID-19 or not, we are getting out stronger and better.

This article was written by Mbah Chiderah Foloashade; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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