My relationship with Lagos is like having a bad habit of being addicted to Vodka yet still brushing your nose against it’s bottle. Lagos is my bad habit, wherever I go. I still have a longing to see her.

 I remembered my last drive from the office back home. My Uber driver was a pretty outgoing young lady in her late twenties while she tried to slip in small chit-chats, I could not help pondering how long it would take for me to get back to work.

A few days ago, a pressman friend who had been opportuned to shoot some deserted roads in Lagos with a drone sent me a video he had believed would make me smile. 
The visuals relayed how lonely the streets of my bubbly Lagos had turned. In recent times, I made an effort to stop seeing the news and reducing my use of social media while only reading what’s necessary and keeping away from the depressing information in a bid to maintain my mental health.

Asides what goes on the screen of the Media big boys- CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and even our local TV. There are more stories that are stifled in silence.

People became kinder 

Amidst the Instagram challenges and social media posts of work-out sessions or recipes. There were also real humans who could barely feed. In this time when humanity has been reduced to the point of knowing that the most important thing is a breath of clean air devoid of infiltrating viruses. 

People have become kinder and reached out even more. Countless acts of goodness, kindness, and heroism are taking place all over as the world battles COVID-19. The Lekki Food Bank is a worthy mention on this one.

Who says that every cloud does not have a silver lining?

Domestic Violence never went on vacation 

Asides schools and work being learning and places to express value. They also shield victims of domestic violence from their attackers. There has been an increase in domestic violence due to longer hours spent at home. As we take all the necessary steps to flatten the pandemic curve, we need to be equally vigilant to make sure that shadow pandemic curve of intimate terrorism does not rise exponentially too.

Crime has not gone to bed yet

In the wake of the pandemic, many employed  people pre-Covid 19 are currently out of jobs. Although this would not be good enough reasons to take to crime, a good number have as well as those who had been seeking reasons to dabble into the dark world.  Lagos has also been left with sad tales of visitation by men of the underworld who go by the names; ‘One million boys or Awawa boys.’ One Million Boys is the code-name of a robbery gang known for its notorious robbery activities around Lagos and its surroundings. They are known to send letters to their victims to inform them of their visitation, carry out robbery activities, rape and maim.

Increase in fake and unverified news 

Whatsapp has been the most used social media platform used in disseminating fake and unverified news. 

People who gulp these news are often the elderly and those who are not so enlightened to verify sources of what they read. There it makes it easy to make reference to governing bodies, influential individuals  and media to publish false news of the pandemic development. 

The public sector never loved us 

No! We are not going to pretend like the government were our knights in shining armour. This period of the Covid-19 was a good time to bring out some of our systemic rots in terms of the state of our health care and economy as well. 

Palliatives were promised and the government had their horns blaring on how they were coming to respond to the SOS (Save our souls) calls  of the have-nots. But the last time, most citizens heard about this would definitely be on radio or television if there was power supply. 

Do these stories sound familiar?

This article was written by Jennifer Ifeatu Andrew, a public health enthusiast by day and a creative writer cum content creator by night; she tweets via @jennieifeatu

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