Isolation can sometimes be scary. Rife with mind-numbing conspiracy theories, fueled by an unhealthy does of paranoia, a seemingly innocent, creative work when taken into consideration can add to the growing fear.

In the hordes of conspiracy theories currently being peddled, two stand out rather prominently – one, that the disease is man-made and was manufactured in a lab and secondly that the vaccine, when available, will be highly politicized.

Two creative works, the 2011 movie ‘Contagion’ and the 1981 book by author Dean Koontz, ‘Eye of Darkness’ comes scarily close to affirming these so-called, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.


Let’s take for example, the movie titled ‘Contagion’ which was released in 2011. With its uncannily accurate depiction of the last few weeks’ events, it might as well have been released yesterday.

The storyline depicts,

Healthcare professionals, Government officials and everyday people finding themselves in the midst of a pandemic, as the Centre for Disease Control works to find a cure.

Creepy, right?

But that’s not all; the virus in question depicted in the movie is so covid-like that they might as well have been conjured up by the same person.

That or the person who named the coronavirus, must without a doubt, have watched the movie ‘Contagion’.

The parallel doesn’t end there. The disease when traced back started somewhere in a province in China at, wait for this, a food market.

I felt the onslaught of a mini heart tremor when I discovered this. 

It is either the script writers and movie producers are miraculously clairvoyant or they know something we don’t know.

Maybe a suspended jail term would give them some incentive to talk.


Author, Dean Koontz is known for his penchant for horror thrillers and paranormal-based literature.

He has in fact made a name feeding off paranormal storytelling with his best-selling volumes a testament to the franchise.

But he came scarily close to a conspiracy with his 1981 book ‘Eyes of Darkness’ with a mention of a man-made virus that started in Wuhan, China of all places. According to the book, the man-made virus was engineered from Wuhan and prepped to be released around the globe.

As with both ‘fictional’ conspiracies, the world came across a never-been-seen-before respiratory virus that started in China and later spread across the world, causing a global lockdown.

Too accurate to our present reality, right?

Like they say, a movie or a book reflects society in all its sketchy glory, but when such a depiction moves from the predictive to the scarily clairvoyant, it makes sense for us to start to worry.


This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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