I may be eight years late to the party, but at least I’m here right? This unconventional 2013 film is one for the books as it circles round the lives of the characters. The film proves life sometimes is meaningless and unjust things happen to good people for no reason. Here’s my not so lazy but honest review of Kenneth Gyang’s Confusion Na Wa.

When I say I haven’t seen a movie title so apt, I truly haven’t. Through the first forty minutes of the film I was riddled with not just questions about who was who and what was what, I was genuinely confused by the characters and their personas. The initial excitement by the look of the film had worn off by the time Ikponmwosa Gold’s character, Chichi, had begun his Lion King analogy. It was then I knew I needed to pay rapt attention to what was going on. Deciphering the lead character was my way of knowing whose story to follow and pay attention to, but using that technique was futile as newer and stranger characters were introduced. You could tell these characters had some form of importance to the central plot of the story but figuring out how was what kept me on my toes throughout.

I honestly cannot tell if the acting was subpar or if it was just creative mastery to drive the plot and give the film a fresh unorthodox feel.

I couldn’t really wrap my head around Ali Nuhu’s performance, it was hard to tell if that was his natural performance or that was the performance his character needed. I have watched several other movies starring Ali Nuhu, although recent ones, I already have a feel of how he delivers his performances regardless of the role. So you can understand my confusion and surprise at his over dramatics in delivering lines.

There’s also Kola (Nathaniel Deme) and his entire family which were extremely strange I cannot even lie. Like I said before, I can’t tell if it’s his acting or his character but that character had many commas. His relationship with his sister felt super weird mainly because of the way they interacted with each other, the tone in which they spoke to each other. If you’ve watched this film I think you’d understand what I’m talking about. His sister, Doyin, was a whole other character I refused to pay attention to because if I did I wouldn’t had too many unanswered questions. His father, Babajide (Tony Godman), the CEO of the Righteous Trumpet, another unusual character. I couldn’t quite understand why he thought his son was gay. I mean Kola was odd yes, no doubting that, but not in a sexually queer way.

I find it rather interesting that the most compelling characters are the supporting characters. I’m not saying the lead characters were boring or anything but these characters were so mind bogglingly captivating. The characters are so fascinating to watch, it’s almost easy to forget multi-award winning Ramsey Nouah was also in the movie as a lead character. Personally, I think his character was one of the least compelling. Maybe it’s because his performance was so ‘good’ it was unremarkable. UC Ukeje’s character wasn’t exactly terrible. He was just a disgusting manipulative person and friend. I also absolutely loved Tunde Aladese’s performance. Initially I scoffed at her character and performance as I wondered what on earth she was doing, but after a few of her scenes my eyes really opened to how good her acting was. She fully embodied her role I feared she truly hated Ali Nuhu, who played her on screen husband.

Prior to watching Confusion Na Wa, I hadn’t heard anything about it, or even seen the trailer. I clicked play with no expectations whatsoever and I believe that’s what helped me see the film for what it actually was, not what I was expecting it to be. I absolutely loved the indie feel of the film. The static shots, the unfamiliar faces and the unpretentiousness of the scenes.

So if you’re in need of film for a weekend hangout this weekend, Confusion Na Wa should most definitely be your go to watch.

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