The demi god constellation of the Nigerian parental system over its youth’s lifestyle cannot be over emphasized. Stern looking fathers and ‘Madea-inspired’ mothers. Those who always took the first position in their class but still ask if those who do have two heads. You are created to be what they want you to be because they invented you and as a youth you have no clue what you truly want. A constant reminder of nine months of pain all in the chambers of self pity and we fall prey and give in. We say yes to the perfect plan to ruin our lives. The Nigerian family is incomplete without the flock of relatives who claim to know you when you were little but are surprised to see you grown.

Irrespective of our satirical customs, we live in a society that raises youths to conform to lifestyles that are affirmed to be veracious and infallible, ideologies that were inherited as right without challenging its validity. I call it the psychological slavery of infant minds. “Conform so you will look responsible in the society.” “Behave this way so you don’t look weird amongst our friends.” “Don’t act that way so our relatives won’t mock us.” In the end we fill our baskets with a bunch of adult infants who can barely exercise the boundless outskirts of their imagination because they have been zombied by a society of conformism. Conformism confines and that is when our right senses leaves leaving only the wrongs which are perceived to be right. Nigeria has become a society where everyone believes its youths should be normal even though there is no such thing as a normal human being. They say follow the herd, follow this trend; do not dare to be different. The ones before us have no reason for doing what they do but they still do because that is how they met it so they force the same lifestyle down our throat.

The Nigerian parental style is a front line soldier in this ‘Hilterian’ war and they represent a rare brand of parenthood but like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement.” We are the youth of Nigeria and we are unique. We are different and we say no to the Nigerian fallacy called conformism.

This article was written by Derrick Chidumebi Iwuoma; connect with him on IG here 


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