To succeed in business, effective communication skill is sacrosanct. Understanding that people’s perception of you, interest, confidence, trust, indifference, dislike and commitment is always determined by the way you communicate with them is an awareness that can help one to learn and apply the best rules of communication in the business environment.

The business sphere is controlled by contacts which can only be sustained with good communication. When a company launches a product, it is expected to back it up with the best communication that is descriptive and convincing in order to elicit patronage, what if it is going into a partnership? What happens to its PR and Negotiations?

Excellent communication is required for all these. Business mogul and billionaire, Warren buffet once told a group of business students that better communication increases one’s value by fifty percent. It is simply the competence to deliver excellently during verbal conversation, presentation and writing in a manner that put the following into cognizance:

  • Clarity: In order not to confuse people when speaking or writing to them, complexity should be minimized. Communicate in simple, clear and understandable term.


  • Listening: Listening is a vital skill needed for good communication. Even while arguing, it is not advisable to counter an opponent rapidly. Listen and understand what people say during conversation before replying.


  • Knowledge: When you are knowledgeable and you have good vocabulary coupled with emotional intelligence, you will be able to communicate verbally and also generate good write ups. Persons with these qualities easily find their way to the top in the business world.


  • Formality: Business communication is formal and should be strictly adhered to when writing or speaking to someone. Informality should be minimized or totally avoided.


  • Collaboration: Negotiation or proposal will require you to have in mind an all inclusive or a win-win deal for the parties involved rather than imposing your own will and desires.


  • Impression: Learn to create a lasting impression with your choice of words and expression. Be that person whose words genuinely move people.



This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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