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Commitments Affect Every Aspect of Life

Commitments take more than your time though; they quietly invade your conscious mind. Commitments don’t just deal with people however. The worst kinds of commitments are those that you aren’t even aware of actually being commitments. These can come as small promises you make to yourself, such as improving in a certain area of life.

Almost always, they become a weight on your conscious mind saying that something has been left unresolved. These every day commitments also begin to affect your emotions. Remember the times when you promised to yourself that you’d achieve a lot, and you didn’t? Your self-worth instantly lowered a notch. The thing is, our minds never find solace from their to-do lists. They always need to be resolved and if not, it’s as though we’re carrying a dark mass of tension around with us that we always know is there. There’s an emotional commitment on some level that we’re not fully dealing with.

You can never truly become aware of how much mental and emotional space a commitment takes up in your mind until it’s not there anymore. Just think of the relief you feel when you finish a dry book you found extremely hard to read. I realized this a few years ago when I continued to write for a blog that I no longer had any passion for. The day I decided to stop, my mind lightened, feeling free from the painful dutiful mental leech I was carrying.


Be a Quitter!

Quitting commitments is getting the maximum quality of life, without wasting energy on promises you can’t keep. It forced me to re-evaluate every commitment I have in life, and to choose whether I’m completely willing to deal with them or want to be completely free from them.

Society has taught us that “quitting” is wrong; that only losers quit. But the problem with this concept is that not all quitting is the same. You can quit things that matter, and quit things that don’t. We assume that all commitments are: A) Of equal value and, B) that we never outgrow them. If I had persisted with all the commitments of my childhood right now I’d be the White Power Ranger working as the bouncer of the Playboy Mansion.


Less Is More

The more commitments on your to-do list, the more paralyzed and afraid you are of attempting to fulfill any one of them. Without apology or explanation make a decision to be done with them.  The leech won’t stop sucking on your conscious until you burn it.

As I mentioned in a previous article multi-tasking and commitments only results in many half-hearted attempts of living life. The neglect of these commitments can take a toll on your self-confidence as well.  But with a bit more patience and a lot more selectivity, you can dedicate yourself to more rewarding and meaningful pursuits.

That’s why I’m not your social type. I don’t like to lukewarmly bond with a person over similar interests and common ground, in order to have a relationship of stimulation. If I put my commitment to use I make it my concern to explore the depths and roots of a person, not just the shallow leaves of stimulation that are so temporary with season.

True relationships for the solitary person take undivided commitment, and in a sense, these relationships are a lot more profound and long-lasting.

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