If you have ever seen popular video productions like Bovi Back to School, DJ Neptune’s Trace Tour, Tobi Bakre, Mr Macaroni, Mc Lively and Oluwadolarz’ viral skits, then you have more than likely been introduced to works done by Edem Victor.

Curiosity gave way to deep interest; an interest that eventually fueled his passion for cinematography. A passion which developed from a simple visit to a neighbour’s event coverage workshop. A visit that soon became a consistent thing.

Edem asserts a visual dominance that is visible in every one of his productions. His connection to ace filmmaker Akin Alabi may have had something to do with it. A fevered attempt to understudy Akin Alabi years back, led to a Facebook search that yielded nothing, but in a series of events not uncommonly like a Nollywood flick, Edem’s family moved to a new neighbourhood that was just a few houses away from Akin Alabi’s office.

That chance connection helped hone Edem’s editing skills for the next three years, as he worked on numerous projects for Nigeria’s biggest names in the music and movie industry.

Visuals by Edem Victor kick-started not long after that, opening up a flood of projects that helped affirm his undeniable talent in visual storytelling, with emphasis on production of skits.

“I wouldn’t say skit production is my specialty. I do a lot as a cinematographer, although I just find myself doing skits more,” he said.

A typical production day with Edem is a rollercoaster of visual cues and editorial cuts that can drive a lesser man crazy; but not Edem Victor. He stands above the fray, like a seasoned war general, calling the shots without being afraid to get his hands dirty when the need arises. 

Celebrities are known to be excessively assertive and domineering but Edem explains his encounter with them rather pleasantly.

“I would say working with popular names has not in any way tampered with my creativity. One reason I enjoy working with them is that effort is applied from both sides and it comes naturally with no pressure.”

Edem may or may not be rolling in money, we have no access to his financials but the only clue we get is a small laugh and a positive statement.

“Yes, Cinematography is lucrative and it is also passion driven.” 

On whether there is an Edem Victor production anywhere in the future, he responds in the affirmative.

“I am working on an original production but it is under wraps for now. I can only tell you that they are a series of short videos.”

With a richly-layered precedence that features notable names in the visual industry, Edem Victor’s only acceptable trajectory is skywards. Visuals by Edem Victor, his growing media outfit, aims at creating a cinematographic space where the art of storytelling is used to bring smiles to the faces of many, but he hopes to do more. In the future, Edem hopes to give back some of his knowledge to the community by helping youths in the art of film-making.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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