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You know people are still wondering if I’m doing house job, people will be asking are you sure you are working? Really… is it until you see eye bags popping making me look like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I have mastered the art of chilling, working, enjoying and making my patients happy at the same time. Weird combo for a House officer whose motto is known to be Work, Work, Work (In Rihanna’s Voice).

I should say the government was unfair, for some time we had worked extra three weeks without being paid, I tell you it wasn’t easy, the motivation were the patients really.

On this fateful day while I was seeing a patient, my phone beeped indicating a message had entered, I wasn’t going to look at my phone, MTN has been a nuisance with their numerous messages I mean those guys deserved to be sued. I continued my consult, getting my head into the game.

It was even the patient that told me to look at my phone, Ok yea I did, I wasn’t sure if I was seeing double or my phone was falsely displaying digits or was it a coincidence? Was my patient some sort of Merlin in disguise.

That one beep was one that was going to put smiles on my face, my long awaited salary had been paid… yaaaay

I’m sure you are surprised why is this guy so happy – try and work in UCH for a month without salary as a House officer and I’m sure if you were me you’d have rolled on the floor and sustained some major cuts and lacerations, but I didn’t shout. I comported myself. The patient did not even know all what was happening within me, of course she was quick to observe that her doctor was lovelier, happier and had dilated pupils. Yea it’s said happiness, love, fear, lies are all sympathetic responses. Next time a guy tell y’all ladies he loves you and is going to buy you heaven and earth just look into eyes if they are pretty much dilated you better don’t fall. The only set of guys who don’t follow this phenomenom are guys who have seen hell and are back, they have seen the real devil and probably can put on every force of deceit.

I was walking to my room with my head up high like an agama lizard who had just found its mating partner, Another message popped in. Trust me, hell yes I was going to read it maybe it’s going to be the allowances they were owing us, I reached out for my phone which was deep in my pocket of my ward coat, I pressed the button which was to bring it on from sleep mode… Lo and behold I saw, ‘DR AJIDAHUN KINDLY REPORT TO THE WARD, YOUR ATTENTION IS URGENTLY NEEDED… ’ Oh boy what have I done, who have I offended? I redirected my steps as quickly as my legs could take me. This message was from one SR that only words you’ll get from him are queried.

I got up to the fourth floor catching my breath, Lo and behold I didn’t see him…What I saw was my worst nightmare. I saw…


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