I don’t know whether I was meant to be happy or not, I have spent the first 7 years of my life in medical school. My mates are all getting married and here I am growing beards all in the name of Medicine.

It came as a shock when I got a call to come and start my house job in Ibadan, Ibadan has always been the most dreaded place to do your internship. Tales of vigorous unending work, seemingly low numbers of house officers, lack of accommodation with initial employment.

Anyways I had finished from Ibadan and was well aware of these gory tales, I was among the vast number of fairies who had always hoped to fly away after graduation but I guess securing a house job was so difficult; If you didn’t have giraffe legs that can help you cross the Atlantic ocean of house job you’ll probably be six feet deep in a mess you never bargained for.

This is Ibadan they always say even if a monkey comes here we will teach and make a Doctor out of a monkey. But do they make monkey out of Doctors?

Should I be happy, should I be sad, should I reject this offer, Am I ready to face my worst fears , Am I ready to call a spade a spade, Am I ready to function at a level I have never functioned before, I took an oath – Medicine is a brotherhood, I won’t be the weak link. I had sworn with every drop of my last blood.

OK yes, I accepted the house job and did I mention I am bearded, one of the virtues I held in high esteem, My beards were like what feathers were to an eagle, It gave me a sense of clothing, I felt naked anytime consultants threatened to make it hell for me in exams whenever I haven’t shaved my well shaped beards.

I hope everyone that aspires to do their House job in Ibadan will learn from my experience. All these deep thoughts gave birth to #Chronicles of a bearded Ibadan House officer. Follow me as I take you on a roller coaster of how tacky, hilarious being an Ibadan Doctor can be. Welcome to my world.


This series is curated by Doctor Sina; you can connect with him on Instagram here

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