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So everyone rejoices whenever it’s their birthday; I mean that’s the day we all brought smiles to our mothers perhaps tears of joy if you can relate to the oxymoron.

It was May 15 I had dreamt I was going to have the day off, I mean have the whole day to myself, probably take a little trip, organize a little birthday party, watch a movie (I still wonder why people see a movie, I sit for 4 hours and you call that SEE…lol)

Coincidentally that day was my clinic day, Oh boy! Could my day of birth could have been 16 or some public holidays when I’d have a chance to sleep all day, Ok. I got dressed and of course went to the clinic and saw a couple of patients.

I was still basking in the joy of celebration when I decided to check the so called account balance I was going to use to celebrate the birthday when I saw it was… it was… It is Red. I stuttered to myself, my account was empty. Then I remembered then that the account had been red for the past one month, government was owing us salaries and they had not paid, this was the second month and unlucky for me my birthday was today which was another grief added to my sores.

I comported myself in clinic and I tried to fake that smile it was real yeah but had an undertone of disgust for the system. There is a strike, I’m still working and the people responsible for the strike who are probably relaxing at home are preventing the disbursement of my hard earned money. Of course I could not do anything about it.

Clinic continued  and was going smoothly, we had to use improvised papers for the patients, we had to struggle to do everything , go extra smile, make patients feel comfortable…Things were going smoothly until…

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