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Now the strike came, I mean it’s not like we prayed for it and it’s not like many are praying against it, it’s been an overwhelming period for some while to some it’s been the beginning of catching up on new movie releases, thanks to Marvel Cinematic Universe for Black Panthers and Avengers: Infinity Wars.

I had rotated through to a new unit and needed to sign my forms of the previous units; it was a fateful day – Tuesday if I remember clearly, I was still trying to locate the office of submission. I had climbed the staircase up; thank God it was second floor so I had the square root of the volume of my daily sweat.

When I heard ‘Hello Doctor’, I first thought it was a squeaky sound from a chipmunk ranting then I looked back and saw it was him. Oh I mean him… I understood where the high pitched voice was coming from, back in my days as a medical student I always wondered if he had ovaries or testicles. From the way he gesticulated and spoke. He was one of our revered Doctors.

After the hello next he asked – are you an artiste? Where did that come from I thought, he said he wanted to confirm because my beards don’t strike him as a Doctor. Next he started complaining of how my beards were a possible sanctuary for infection, he was so smooth in his line of thoughts you’d think he was reading a script for CNN.

Next he expressed his concern that he is sure the children all cry when they see me…this got me lost, Out of the blues I just replied ‘Sir the children don’t cry, in fact they like to touch the beards it makes them happy when they’re crying’. He didn’t seem to be pleased with me as I kept catching my fun through his stories.

As if that wasn’t enough he started calling me a terrorist,claiming he’s pretty sure they will deny me visa if I applied for one. At this point I laughed, how many towers did I bomb? Was I on any watch list? Will it be fair for him to be denied visa for filling a form claiming male when his voice said otherwise, why can’t this man leave me alone. I have been bored for over 20 minutes, he seemed infuriated because I was smiling all along, then I gave that face of I am not interested when he read my body language and face, he wanted me to shave off my beards I was astonished how someone could not just mind his business and kept poking into other people’s affairs

Next he asked have you rotated through my unit I said No…. then he said we shall see some other time; I really don’t know what that means but I’m open to anything. Gone are the days we shivered when threatened, now we stand firm like a house on the rock… I walked away smiling I could see that disdain that he wished to get a scissors and yank out my beards but that will be a violation of the law. LOL


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