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I should say boo to those people that said I’ll lose weight while I was in paediatrics. I mean how good does it get, instead of shedding them kilos I put up some more kilos… lol… but hey is that really good?

My new unit is located on the fourth floor, you can imagine the climbing I have to do, and everyday is like an exercise I’d sweat it out like every day was a rainy season reason maybe gaining weight was a little curse then.

I’ve zeroed my mind about the whole strenuous exercise I have to do every morning getting to work.

The funny thing about my new unit is that being big made you fit into the system. I’m sure the logo here is ‘Big is Beautiful’; you need to see the men here… Everyone has got a big belly tucked below the belt, a pair of extra-large trousers I presume and of course face always covered with sweat as they work around and burn the excess calories, and lest I forget a handkerchief to clean up the ever building beads of sweat that kept re appearing.

It was my first day here after a long series of orientation, I was bored… can we just get to it I though. Okay I adjusted to the rules of the unit.

I had done a straight day and resumed call this fateful day, the next morning was disastrous as I was to see patients, seems my eye kept closing and I thought I could manage. First patient, clerking started five minutes into it and I had dozed off. Oh boy I woke up, I had squeezed the one paper I had written my documentations. I woke up and saw the little frown on her face saying Hmmm… Doctor I’m here. I got a new sheet and started again all over. My writing were looking like hieroglyphics, I bet I was writing in Swahili, after five minutes of writing I took a look and could not even read what I wrote. Oh boy… this sleep won’t kill me o.

It wasn’t my fault though, I’m not a machine, this people better give me a break, I needed it. It was while I was still struggling with sleep I heard a nurse saying there will be a strike and they won’t be coming to work… I don’t know what happened o…the sleep just flew away. Where did this adrenaline come from, my eyes were open like tapes were used to pull them apart. My hand was writing so fast that I could not control it. The patient was so surprised, is this Doctor some kind of machine? As a sharp guy I told her Madam, have you worked for 48 hours… then she replied even God rested after 6 days …Doctor keep sleeping she said. Next time I come I’ll bring pillow for you. Thanks for mocking me I replied… we both laughed…. Here we are waiting for the strike.


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