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Happy Easter, Happy Easter was the sentence I kept hearing as I hurried up the stair case; I wasn’t sure whether it was Happy Mister, Hello Sister I was hearing, as I knew that there was non-Easter break for me, I had spent the public Friday holiday 24 hours on the ward while some enjoyed a free day. I tell you I had not recovered, I was going to the fourth floor and I could see the sweat forming on my face like beads, walking every morning upstairs had become a routine exercise I use in burning out the few calories I acquired after work.

Anyways I got upstairs, Oh my! The ward was full of new admissions over night… that’s going to be another day of hectic work. I got busy but I can tell you every minute I was looking at the clock; I wasn’t on call so work was to end for me around 1pm. My buddy by the side too was dying to dash out, so it was easy for us, we did all we were meant to do – Did all our write ups, gave medications, filled our charts. Ensured everything was neatly and appropriately done.

It was finally 1pm and voila, I could not wait to get out. I bowed with a devilish smile and said goodbye. I was like a lion that had just been released from a zoo in three months and it was Easter Monday, what could we do. We gave ourselves a treat, went to a couple of places, shopping and also decided to have a look at the Wakanda frenzy that everyone was shouting about.

Oh boy! I was so disappointed the movie was too much of dialogue we were both bored… not to add to the fact we had a local Yoruba woman sitting at our back who was always shouting at every climax of the film. To her, every new character decided a clap. I’m sure she thought it was Nollywood movie where you knew the beginning and end of the movie from the name of the movie, you could shout at the television and they will do your bidding. But the Black Panther kept disappointing her and trust me she hurled insults at the cinema screen. How hilarious.

Shoprite was so clumsy that day after queuing for over thirty minutes to buy bread I had to leave, some lawless Nigerians kept shunting the queue, it wasn’t moving so we decided to go to FoodCo.

At FoodCo, very spacious, less crowd we took a walk around and started picking what we wanted. There was cool music, at least it wasn’t the sound of machines monitoring breathing, all was going well when we spotted our consultant. Oh boy…she was the same person who told me to shave my beards, she was the one who gave me queries and here she is, seeing me at a mall. We greeted her, she turned and smile giving that ‘oooohhh kinda look.’

What was she thinking I wondered? Maybe ‘see these men they have time to be going out, or what are they doing here.’

Throughout the whole shopping spree we made sure we were not on her lane as we kept dodging her and by the time we got all our stuff we hurried out

It’s a new morning today…I wonder what she will say…


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