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It has been a while I had a good laugh, because all the strength I am meant to use to laugh I end up using it to work; I’m sure the muscles meant for laughing have me converted to work horse muscles but patients will always give you a good laugh.

It was a Thursday if I could remember vividly and there was a whole lot of loads of patients, No one ever says ‘sorry doctor, take a chill and rest’, we have that belief that doctors should walk all around the clock; I was doing just that.

The night time are usually not very good because the official ambassadors of Ibadan ‘The mosquitoes’ would make sure your skin is branded before the morning, I remember weighing myself before becoming a house officer and weighing 85 kg. I’m sure with the blood the mosquitoes have sucked I’ll probably be 75 kg.

The night as I said earlier was busy and when it became a little calm, I tried to rest, had to sleep on a couch with foamy layers; if I sleep on the bed I might just wake up the next morning.

The surprise was the next morning, saw this seven year old boy smiling and laughing at me, thought he was happy as how well we persisted before setting his intravenous line but lo and behold… He said ‘Doctor your sleep yesterday was so loud that I could not sleep, He continued I used to think my Daddy’s snore was the loudest but doctor your snore beats his hands down. Doctor you deserve an award for snoring.’

I felt so embarrassed how many people were thinking like this in their mind… How many of those kids were wishing they could beat me for disturbing their sleep. I just made sure I was quiet that day, but that one kid kept laughing…


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