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Finally the whole house job that started as something I always wanted to run away from is gradually coming to an end. It’s been 10 months…10 months of humiliation, 10 months of being subjected to the most annoying and gruesome strenuous activities of my life. I won’t say I am completely a different person but I’ll say I have been built for the kill. I’m not saying I have become a carnivore but I have become the definition of specie that can handle anything quite ferocious.

My last posting in Neurology is one of my most memorable ones, coming from Obstetrics and Gynecology mortalities were kind of rare. I can count how many times I certified deaths in O and G, or was it that the registrars were the ones that did the certification I really could not tell.

First day in Neurology, I was so happy, I was looking forward to working with one particular senior registrar whose tales I have heard – the house officers were so awesome, this is my first time confessing. I always admired those three ‘The Triad’ as I nicknamed them in my heart. You’d always see them work together, eat together, laugh together. They were pretty much a must have clique consisting of 2 girls and a guy, I always lurched to be part of them. I’ll make it a TETRAD . Hope they won’t mind?

3 months passed in Neurology, Neuro as it is usually abbreviated was my best posting, while I was there I felt maybe Neurology was my calling. I knew surgery was knocking at my door. I never for once wanted to accept that fact. As a student my worst postings in my yearbook were Surgery 1, Surgery 2, Surgery 3 with emphasis on Neurosurgery as my most disliked. It’s not as if I am a lazy person but the stress of running around in theater, working a patient up for procedures was just not my thing. I think I prefer the physician life where I come see do the no pallor, no jaundice (if there is none anyway) and prescribe drugs.

November 1 finally came, the day I wished never came, I was posted to worst of the rotations, Neurosurgery, Gastro intestinal Surgery (GI) and Cardiothoracic surgery. I knew the calls were definitely call to glories not ordinary ones. My first day was in GI surgery – a relatively calm unit with calm people. We were introduced to the dos and don’ts of the unit. They were quite fair rules nothing out of the ordinary.

One funny thing happened that day, a lot of activities unfolded of which we lost two patients; It was surprising because GI surgery was a unit with relatively low number of deaths. As I looked to my right about to take my leave I heard a nurse whisper to another nurse saying ‘I know that house officer from Neurology where they had so many deaths, Has he come here.. You people should get ready oo…you better pray against bad luck’… In my mind I was like really….


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