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So it’s been a while I saw the official ambassadors of my room, I guess their contracts had expired and no one was planning to renew their contracts. I remember few months ago I was always complaining of how they always made my room their playground. It’s pretty much funny that as a grown man, I could still be threatened by some four legged freaks. YES FREAKS!!! I will call them, they are the scariest, weirdest most annoying creatures I have ever encountered … They are RATS.

Guess these last few months I’ve been the one smiling… These rats ain’t got nothing on me. I’ve been the one calling the shots. Thanks to one of my female friends I complained to her about the alarming rate of rats that were disturbing us on our floor. She taught me some survival skills; told me I needed to buy containers and make sure everything edible is placed in airtight containers. I was quick to do this, I rushed to the market, got some containers and rearranged my foodstuff.

Trust me the nights have been so peaceful, All the crackling and nibbling sounds of numerous teeth, All the multiple soundtracks the rats were always recording had finally died down. Where house officer stayed was abbreviated as House Officer’s Residence (HOR) I had changed its meaning to HOUSE OF RATS. Quite hilarious but I tell you those were games the mind played with me.

On this particular day, I came back from work, I later retreated to the kitchen, and lo and behold I saw this rat. I smiled at the rat, it was looking so weak, so skinny, mehn… I could see its bones as it was moving. My mushy self was about to get emotional. I had to slap myself and say wait what’s wrong with you you’re pitying this creature that months back made life a living hell for you… lol…I snapped out of it.

This was the first time I was going to see that simile As poor as a Church Rat’. This rat was the definition of poverty. It was so weak I’m sure the rat was thinking if only you could open those containers and I could just have a bite of foodstuff… lol. It just reminded me of the story of the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible… ‘If only I could touch the hem of his garment’.  In my head I’m like Rat touch me I swear down I’ll kill you. I then took a broom ready to strike it… I just thought.. Hell no… I just opened the door and allowed it to go. I was even contemplating maybe I should give it walking stick. This rat was probably walking to its grave already …lol


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