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Oh well or how bad can it get, I had gained weight from the festive period walking with my belly up the stairs, oh boy, it wasn’t easy I should have taken it easy on the chicken and assorted meat; I was weighing 85kg; Phew, that was quite much for a short stout boy. Laughing out loud

I was posted to the Neurology Unit of Paediatrics – the units that take care of issues relating to the brain and the higher centers that coordinate the activities of the body. I got a good but cold welcome of course that is very typical of Ibadan. Everyone thinks work mode doesn’t deserve a big hug, C’mon get your hands to work. The other house officer whispered something into my ears, you looking fresh now; when they are done with you will stop all these freshness.

Oh mehn, second day of resumption my senior registrar walked in, a neatly dressed man looking happy with gap tooth that looked as if a whale was struggling behind bars. He came to see the first patient, then he started talking I stood there like a log of wood and I didn’t know I was meant to start writing. Was I a stenographer, of course after a second dose of the shredded look I grabbed my biro and started scribbling, it was awkward as he was so fast. How was I meant to catch up I mean, I was not a robot, how will I remember the last few sentences when I have forgotten the last words he just said. After he noticed I had a lot of lapses he just said ‘Young man do you think you’re here to play, young man you need to wake up.’

I bowed my head down; how can that be the first words of commendation I am getting after all the happiness and well ironed, starched clothes just to make a good impression. He crushed all my joy, Is it my fault that I was a slow writer… Hmm okay..Let us see how it goes…


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