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Sometimes I almost want to blame myself for being nice, it’s not like it’s a bad thing either, but you know when the perks come in, you will end up blaming yourself, but be nice I mean its good.

So I got this friend, starting house job for him was kind of a tough one; he was always complaining, of course I was always there to laugh and sympathize with him. Sometimes he would call me on phone and start ranting, oh boy! He’s got a lot of credit to spare, and let me mention I also taught him how to get call food. He was always forming yuck initially, I can’t eat the food but after a while, dude was more vibrant in planting his own call food ministry.

On this fateful day, he called me. I was skeptical to pick the call, he was probably going to complain I thought; Maybe I should just make a voice recording saying Okay…Okay and just play it as I received the call… I’m a good person and I’m quite loyal to my friends and I loved him so much. Then I spoke to him, next thing he said was he needed help with a child’s intravenous line, I was like okay.

I had rotated through pediatrics some months back, I was feeling like a boss that I could set any line. Yah… Just call my name (Me feeling myself in my head.) I unpacked my loads quickly (I was just returning from 7 days leave which looked like 7 hours though), then headed towards my friend.

We saw the child, we explained the procedure to the parents; I was having a weird feeling about setting this line. This child was quite irritable, I mean shaking like he has got Parkinson, the child started crying even when we had not pricked him. I called my friend he was going to hold down the boy so we set the line, because his intravenous drugs were almost due.

I cleaned the site I was going to put the line, I opened the cannula then carefully inserted it while the boy was still shaking but we held him down, he managed to get the arm out, the cannula with the needle came out and went straight into my hand puncturing my thumb, Oh my God what just happened… I was bleeding I took off my gloves went to the tap, allowed water to run very fast while my hand was suspended in the water, the bleeding then stopped.

I saw my friend nodding his head, I was scared, I heard him mutter in silence… Hmmm what was he saying… Not sure I made out his lips saying POSI… At this point I could only hear my heartbeat… My palpitations kept on increasing… Did you just say ? He is?…


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