There is still this fight going on whether Ibadan is still the best university in Nigeria or not, Every Ibadan bred has his or her mind primed to believe we are the first and the best. How cool is that? Now let’s talk about being a House officer, the mention of Ibadan brings so much aversion and contempt. I tell you most of us here wanted to run away but when the merit list came out, we accepted our fate, the hustle for house job is damn real if you are not so legged and you want to be rejecting you’d just grow grey hair looking for house job.

This week went awry for me, I really can’t recall one week in this house job where the whole week went so calm and awesome. Oh my God… Calls I hate them. Calls are pretty much days when doctors work all through the night without resting. They are the days we pray things become calm. No one really wants patients overhauled at him or her.

From my medical school days I used to think me being able to sleep well at night without forcing it was a gift. It was a divine gift I was so proud of, even days before exams when people were burning midnight candles to read, I’m always sleeping. It seemed my sleep pattern obeyed the amount of light in my environment, my eyes automatically closes once the sun goes down.

That night seemed like a major call, Oh boy… The way the phones kept buzzing that patients emergencies were trooping in was exhilarating. I had barely closed my lids another call again… they kept on coming. The person I was working was known to always have unlucky and busy calls, I had spent most of the day praying that God please take control of this call, we don’t want to have critical cases, I was even saying God please even though I am working with someone with head for busy calls. Pardon him for my sake.

I then remembered the story of Jonah, whose presence on a boat accounted for turbulence and storm. I was quick to bind every Jonah that wants to capsize this boat of my call. The call was going well I was so happy I mean this like some sort of testimony. My eyes were planning to close when the phone rang….I picked it next I heard Doctor… there is a patient at emergency. I dressed up… Our team was still reviewing. When another critical ill patient walked in… OOPS…Another…Another…Oh my God the ward was so busy.

To make matters worse my eyes started closing… Was the big fish swallowing Jonah… This call was too turbulent. I felt like putting tapes on my eyes to keep them open, but I guess they were programmed to relax on their own. Anyways we finished the call and I retreated to my room hoping to eat the call food. I opened the disposable pack…My heart skipped a beat I was weak when I saw the content of the plate… Could this be?… Can it be?… Is this…


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