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I have learnt to always be nice and smile to everyone, come rain come sunshine. Sometimes you know, with all the workloads and daily shouting you get, you might be tempted to transfer that aggression to your patients. It takes someone who has mastered his emotions to be able to control that surge of anger, liquefy them to happiness in their veins and reproduce it as a glittering smile to the patients who are at the consuming end.

You know, once a patient once asked me why do they shout at house officers – Are you trained male nurses or are house officers the house boys and girls of medicine?  She exclaimed out of curiosity. I kept quiet and replied with a smile. I’m sure she deciphered the answer to the question already, I wasn’t going to say it with my mouth, and the truth is always crystal clear.

It was a Saturday if I remember clearly; my eyes were blood shot red. Can’t remember clearly maybe it was because I had not rested or the continuous hunger pangs that were trailing my gastro intestinal tract. Oh I remember I had done a call the previous day and we had seriously ill patients that kept me awake all night. My eyes were about to pop out of the sockets, I could not wait to hand over the next day to the people on call.

So I had to sort out a few patients on the ward, one needed to take a blood sample as usual; I always loved to have a nice chat with my patients to create that Doctor to Patient bond. Then we got talking and she told me about her brother that he was a musician, lol… I thought of course in Nigeria almost everyone is a musician, if ‘One Corner’ could be a viral song, I mean a buzzing of houseflies could make a chart topper hit.

I met her brother and we got talking and he told me about his passion for music and how he was amongst the finalists, the second runner up for MTN PROJECT FAME; he was complaining already of how annoying UCH was, of course I could see it he was not looking well dressed. He had walked up and down trying to retrieve results.  He told me his stage name (which I hadn’t heard before) probably because I don’t listen to Nigerian Music and spoke about one single where he featured YBNL crooner, Olamide. Anyways we exchanged numbers and followed each other on social media.

The week that followed, I got an invitation to be amongst the doctors that were going to see the Vice President of Nigeria at a function; we sat at the front and guess that the musician that performed was?

After the MC hyped and mentioned his awards and accolades he was eventually brought on the stage, it was the same guy who I met on the ward. Now he was looking all blingy and dressed like those high class rappers, as he put the microphone on to sing, the whole crowd went crazy, people could die to touch this guy. Me too I just famzed with style, I picked up my phone called him and dropped a message saying ‘I was impressed, your Doctor was watching’.


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