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I should say I had been battling with this problem for quite a while, the problem was my room; the room I was allocated to is such a nightmare. Every episode of rainfall turned my room into a mini fish pond. Apparently the drainage or housing plans of the rooms were messed up. Every time it rains, water sips in through some sort of defect on the walls; it’s the most appalling site in plumbing I have ever seen.

Oh back to my unexpected call I got back to the ward to see why I was actually summoned… I got to the ward, asked the nurses what the issue was, it was then I was told that one of our critically ill patients had removed her Intravenous line. OMG… I shuddered with fear. Matron did she do that? I retorted…I knew it was a rhetorical question but I was going to ask either ways.

About a day ago when the patient arrived I tried setting the line, you know I used to think I was a boss after passing through pediatrics and setting lines in tiny veins. This was the biggest challenge I have ever had, I was trying for like two hours I could not get a line, the veins were all invisible; I called a couple of my colleagues we all tried but we were still stuck for another two hours. Then I called my registrar, he also struggled but after one hour he set the line, so we spent about 5 hours trying to set the line. Now our five hours of hard work was all ruined. I felt like crying.

You know sometimes one feels ashamed to call a registrar to call a line; anyways I called my registrar who also was surprised how the line came off because we sealed it with so much plaster, and apparently the patient assumed it was a foreign body and decided to get rid of it. My registrar was generous to resite another after about an hour of trying.

Then another feat of nature happened, it started to rain… This was the classical description of it rained cats and dogs or I’d rather say it rained Black Panthers and Fiery lions. I was worried within me what will be the fate of my room in this exaggerated climatic wind pour.

The rain stopped a little I hurried to my room and was eager to open the door, The power holders always held power whenever it rained – I still wonder if they dry the wires because the light supply becomes erratic for the next few days.

Lo and behold I opened my room, I was welcomed with water embedding the rug till my ankle level.. I was clueless of what to do as my phone was also dead, I just crashed on the bed hoping to wake up the next day and really see whether it really was water flooding the room or I was hallucinating.


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