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Until about thirty minutes into the clinic session when my tummy started making noises; this definitely was not a shout of joy, this definitely was not a sound of victory, it was sounds of hunger. For some reasons I didn’t eat before coming to clinic that day, I guess I was basking in the joy of being a birthday boy. It was hilarious you almost could clap along to the sounds coming from my tummy.

This was the one time I wished I had superpowers, I was looking at the clock as if I had the powers to alter time, I flicked my hands like I was one of the superheroes that never made it to the Avengers.

Anyways the clinic was over and I hurriedly rushed out, seemed what I mistook for hunger wasn’t hunger, I touched my tummy…It was like rivers of living waters were rushing across the bridge. Oh my.. Is it what I’m thinking of? This is gotta be the worst birthday ever.

I rushed to my room because I wasn’t going to use the hospital’s toilet…Eeeeww … the last time I passed by it, the ammoniac smell that came from it, I’m sure could send Lazarus back to his grave. I finally embraced the fact that I had stomach upset. I was going to get water from my drum…Oh I forgot to mention, we house officers didn’t have water in our rooms so we had to pay the women to fetch for us. During this strike however, the JOHESU members had totally switched off water supply; you had to book for them to fetch water for you at a higher price than it is.

I didn’t have water in my drum and all hell was going to be let loose if I didn’t free that rectum. My muscles were probably strained from all the withholding …lol. I looked to my side, thank Heavens..A bucket had been placed at the ever leaking Air conditioner; it had heaped up enough water to use for the lavatory.

Hmmm…This birthday is one memorable one… No money…Tummy playing melody… Shit happens.


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