Koko stretched out her hand for me to place mine, covered in thick brown mud. A while ago, she had urged Omo and me to hurry on because she had to make it to the audition.

She sternly warned us not tell papa.

With my tattered backpack almost reaching my heel, I tried to catch up. That was when it happened.

One foot on the stone, the other up about to take the next step, and then swoosh! I was in the pool of muddy water that had gathered as a result of the incessant rainfalls. Mind you, I learnt the word ‘incessant’ earlier today in school.

Koko’s forehead creases became visible; I knew I had to let her drag me out. Omo helped me find my shoes, we ran along ready to support our sister. After all, she had only just begun to come out of her shell.

I would watch Koko dance in front of our broken mirror being held in place by many strands of cello tape. She always dances with great joy such that I always had this feeling of satisfaction just watching her wriggle her tiny body to the rhythm of the music blasting from papa’s radio.

Of course, this only happens when papa goes out as he had warned against this.

 If she wasn’t watching herself dance, after she makes sure Omo and me were done with our assignments from school, had our siesta and kept everywhere in order, we would go to our neighbour’s house to watch the dance show by 5:30pm. Her favourite dance person, Kaffy the dance queen was also a judge on the show. Koko doesn’t miss this show for anything. Even times when papa was home, she somehow manages to find a way.  It is with great delight that I sit and watch the show with her, I think Omo feels the same way because he always smiles throughout the show.

Koko wants to dance, she enjoys it, she’s passionate about it, she wants to express herself through dance, she wants to be like Kaffy. This audition could be the much desired opportunity for her to go to a dance school even though papa wants her to focus on her studies so she can pass her certificate exams ad study medicine in the University.

Here we are at the venue for the auditions and Koko; my big sister,my small mummy(even though she’s just 18) is chasing her passion in dance.


This article was written by Ama Idim; connect with her on IG here




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