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Eclectic, meteoric, laser-light speed are the words that describe Charles Born. Born in the early 1990s, Charles studied Information Science and Technology in Madonna University, Okija, Anambra, Nigeria, from where he graduated in 2015. Charles Born, aside being a Radio Presenter at Kiss FM Lagos, is also a TV Host and Programs Executive at Rave TV where he has been since late 2017.

In this interview with our correspondent, Charles bares it all on what it means to be a Radio/TV personality in postcolonial Lagos where competition is rife and must be always ready to reinvent his or herself in order to remain relevant.

For Charles, the best way to predict the future is to invest in it and it was this philosophy that drove him into doing internships with a lot of radio stations in Enugu during his NYSC days.  “While at Enugu for my service year, I interned for up to three radio stations including Dream FM. This is despite the fact that I was sent to teach in a primary school. So imagine how hectic it was to divide my time between teaching in a school where you constantly have to write lesson notes and still break it down in class because you’re teaching children and also run three radio shows in a week, most of which were recorded as at that time. It was one hell of an experience, but I had to do it because I know where I was headed with it and that is where I am now,” he noted. 

And just as predicted, the opportunity to climb up came towards the twilight of his service year when Agatha Amata of the Inside Out fame required the services of another host for her show, having anchored it herself for twenty years. On how he made it to the audition and boot camp, considering that they were rounding off the service, Charles posits that “I knew this was that big break I was rooting for. I recognized that this opportunity may not show its face in a long while again, so I fled from the Passing Out ceremony and headed to Lagos.  It was a drilling session and I didn’t win even though I took second place. But then Madam Agatha recognized my outstanding performance and asked me to still be on the show, assisting the lady that won. From there, I was asked to come for interview at Rave TV and the rest is history.

When asked about the challenges of being a TV host and a radio presenter at the same time in a highly competitive Lagos, Charles Born maintains that “it is not usually rosy when looking at it from the outside like most people think, the industry, the Talk Industry as I call it is one tedious route that the feeble minded can’t survive in. you have to be creative, innovative and smart to always be on top of your game, and I tell you, the reward is usually not commensurate with the input, especially when you’re not a Dotun or Toke Makinwa who are using other means to push their brand. Those two and others like them, make more of their money from endorsements and patronage from consumers of the other services they render. So if you are looking at paying all your ever increasing bills from this business, get ready to get hungry.” 

On where he expects to be in five years time, Charles Born believes that there is no specific answer, as he would rather prefer to grow with time and in the job and make the best of opportunities that rear their heads on the way. He also commented on his name, Charles Born. He avers that a lot of people do not believe they are his real names, as it is a common tradition among OAPs to have an a.k.a, but he reaffirms they’re his real names from birth, Born being their surname. 

Humble, chatty and sincere, Charles Born cuts the picture of a determined young man with an intense drive to succeed in his chosen field.

This article was written by Ifesinachi Nwadike

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