“Share your smile with the world as it is the symbol of happiness, peace and friendship.” If you have ever met with Charity Owoh, then chances are you have heard those words before. This striking quote is her mantra – one that captures the view of life of the beautiful radio show host and socialite. It sort of explains the consistency with which she wears her charming smile and her worry-free demeanor. She demonstrated this during the course of the interview, with her patience approach to the schedules.

Charity is an adventurer, although she might not take to the word. “I have always been tagged as someone who you give lemon and she makes lemonade”, she says. “People often say you give Charity anything and she will do it perfectly.” She has lived the last six months as a radio show host, but, before that, she has been many other persons in the entertainment industry – actor, publicist, artist manager, TV show host. Outside of entertainment, Charity used to be Basketball player – she even has an award to her name. Considering her level of versatility, it is surprising that she hasn’t walked into a studio to record an album, or a song at least. But you never know with Charity; it could happen tomorrow.

The entertainment industry, particularly, is no stranger to versatile characters like Charity. It is in fact a common practice among entertainers who, at different phases of their careers, look to “try something new.” The likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jolade-Ekehinde have spoken those words at different times during their celebrated careers. Queen Latifa, Rihanna have used spoken the language of “new adventure” too. It seems like it is part of being an entertainer. This appetite for exploration is evident in the career decisions of Charity. She believes all her experiences are connected to lead her to current engagement, although she admits that the unpredictable nature of careers such as hers could turn out to be counterproductive. She said, “People like us never know what we want to do a bunch of times.”

“Radio was never in my plans”, she says as our discussion steers into her interest in her current practice. “I have come to love it”, she added. “It is nice to know that you can lend your voice to something everyday and also to make people happy.” She does this – 6 days a week, for 4 long hours daily, on Hot FM 93.3 Lagos, hosting The Passion show. It is a youth-themed program that welcomes the opinion of her audience on trending social conversations. Majority of her audience are young and socially active Nigerians who derive joy in engaging Charity. She recounted one of such conversations during which a member of her audience, a man presumably in his 20s, said to her: “you just being on air makes me happy.”

The relationship between a host and devoted listeners of a radio show can get personal sometimes, depending on the nature and rate of interaction between them. It happens for perhaps every OAP that they know the names of some of the members of their audience, particularly those who call-in frequently and those who left an impression during one of such talks. Charity Owoh has a number of these devotees that give feedbacks that warm her heart. “I just do what I do hoping that the positivity I emit inspires people to be happy. That is the cord that binds me to my listeners”, she says to me. The challenge for advocates of happiness like Charity is that they have act the part even on their own challenging days. “Even if you are in a bad mood and not so cheerful you still need to make sure your listeners have a good show regardless of your mood”, she opens up.

Charity Owoh is the kind of person you only get to know what is happening in the now with her. She could be the star in the next Nollywood blockbuster or be running for President in 2023. From what has been established of her, it is not unexpected that the happiness fairy would branch into new ventures in the future. She shared, with me, her plans to host a television show, her preparation ahead of the launch of a lingerie outfit to serve women who desire something sexy they can wear in-house, and her effort to develop a family philanthropic exercise that sees herself, her mother, and sister visit the needy in environs like Ebute-Metta (Lagos) with gifts, every start of the year. “You always have to plan. If you are not working towards something then you’re not living”, she said to me in response to my question on how she hopes to achieve her many goals.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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