Falz has been fairly consistent with his yearly dose of album projects. From ‘Stories That Touch’ to the Simi assisted ‘Chemistry’, then there was ‘27’ and then the live performance compilation, ‘The Falz Experience, ’ before the controversially-instructional ‘Moral Instruction’ album.

 So when a single like ‘One Trouser’ hits the airwaves, it’s more than likely that an album release is just around the corner. Falz-The Bahd Guy is prepped that way.

The single, ‘One Trouser’ is Falz’s sophomore act for the year 2020, and as expected employs a combination of wit and creativity to explore a social truth. 

The song opens with the familiar Lagos streets sounds and as you struggle to make sense of the audio chaos, you are transported into the core of the message with an afrobeat tainted instrumental.  Of course, afrobeat is the tune of choice, because it has always been the vehicle to explore social anomalies as laid out by Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapokuti.

If you ply the streets of Lagos on a regular, ‘One Trouser’ will instantly resonate with you because it’s the everyday reality of a bustling metropolis. The landmarks Falz mentions in the song, like ‘Marwa roundabout’ and ‘Surulere- Bode Thomas’ are notable for their chaotic assemblage of man and machines.

‘One Trouser’ produced by Bizzouch was released with a video that shows Falz in the midst of the unfolding chaos while his narrative unravels in real-time.

The lines that the actors mouth alongside Falz helps add authenticity to the story, positioning Falz as more of a social commentator. With all the comedic value infused in ‘One Trouser,’ the track still comes off as a little contrived. The missive in the song, though hilarious, is not in any way an original idea. Tons of artistes have taken a creative shot at the streets of Lagos and its chaos-driven essence and scored. So ‘One Trouser’ feels more like an album song than a lead single.

 But every Falz creation always comes with a lesson, and if ‘One Trouser’ has any deep truths to share, it would be that the overwhelming financial disparity between the rich and the poor in society is prone to produce some level of bottled-up angst.

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