I never expected to be awoken

The belly of his thoughts from whence I came forth caused me neither joy nor hurt

But it was not until the beginning of the beginning that the beginning began

So, with his hands against which I offer no resistance, I was formed, I was awoken.

My name is Earth.



With the passage of time, the world has evolved.

But you, yes! Man whom he created in the sixth has failed to resolve

To assume your role as man, forgetting that you can subdue me.

Oh! This is pathetic!

Oh! How I ache!



Why does man make a routine  of his mistakes?

Only a miserable few have attempted to change this pattern.

While others, I mean you, have shortchanged yourselves in the scheme of things

By taking the back seat as spectators

When you should be on the front stage as actors.



Your rehearsals are enough!

When would you execute that plan you’ve had in mind

Before you could spell the word ‘rough’ ?

I know you’re waiting for funds and the right time.

But work while it is day because it would soon be “night time”.



I’m richer than you could ever think,

gifted in areas you could never imagine

and let this sink;

I have ideas that are beyond  amazing.

The source of my wealth?



You of course!

You who buried your gifts, talents

virtues and values

like the slave in the scripture

And have let the times make  your life a caricature.



What is life if you die to leave this world intact?

The way you met it when you came in –

shook no grounds,

broke no boundaries. But lucky you.

Life is married to hope



So dare to believe that you are different.

Dare to be different as you live

Baba said it already


I guess I started the change already.



Written by Aneta Chinsell – an OAP and Spoken Word Artist.


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